Milo Speaks…

Here is a quick clip of of the Milo show from January 11th. I’ve clipped an exerpt that is relevant to discussions I have here before about Progressivism and sports. If you’re so inclined, the whole clip is 15 mins…and a good commentary– as is typical from Milo.



Corbett Report for February 18th

A short 10 minute clip from James Corbett. Even if you just watch the first minute, that would be enough to understand what I deem the “shithole” that I live in. (shithole referring to MY definition of what this country has come to stand for: a nefarious, subversive and tyrannical corporatist-run government)

It’s not the so much the people of this nation, it’s the tyrants who run it. BUT, at the same time the majority of the people have and continue to support (think party ideologues) criminals, pedophiles and warmongering murderers. So, to a point, I have much disdain for what my once beloved country has descended into.


Myth 4: Stiffer Frames Are Faster

“…On the flexible bike, pedaling faster didn’t seem as hard. We were out of breath, but our legs didn’t hurt. Once we got in sync with the frame, its response to our pedal strokes felt like a boat rising out of the water, going faster with only a little extra energy input. “You mean, it ‘planes’,”-

Off The Beaten Path

To celebrate 15 years of Bicycle Quarterly, we are examining 12 myths in cycling – things we (and most others) used to believe, but which we have found to be not true. Today, we’ll look at frame stiffness.

When we started Bicycle Quarterly, the thinking about frame stiffness fell into two camps. The majority of cyclists subscribed to the notion that frame flex wastes energy and that stiffer frames are faster. A few scientific types believed that the energy lost to frame flex was small, and thus frame stiffness probably does not matter. There were a few builders, like Bill Davidson, who extolled the ‘lively ride’ of lightweight tubes, but they were mostly ignored.

At Bicycle Quarterly, we mostly subscribed to the notion that it didn’t matter. And so we were happy riding relatively flexible frames… Sure, stiffer frames might offer marginally better performance, but seeing…

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Pelosi (another worthless cunt) incoherently stammering in a last night interview.
Think sundowning effect.

obama retaining council, runnning scared. hrc (the biggest cunt still alive)
having fits and outburst of confusion and rage at her staff. Think PANIC attacks!
Schiff in panic mode. McCabe scapegoat. Comey (piece of shit pedo protector and murderer) panicking- code 187 uttered.

False Flag emails. Mueller’s fake emails. Mueller’s real emails. FBI/CIA pedophile-murderers looking to setup for another war to distract what’s coming.

HK. Snowden. Assange. WW. Deepstate starting to feel some heat.
FBI/CIA devising an assassination attempt. Psyop. Wake up. Take note.
Turn off the TV.  Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, PBS, etc. ALL ignoring Q.
Muppets of the Deepstate. Reading so-called ‘news’ from CIA transcripts.