Joe Bastardi On Water Vapour & El Ninos


By Paul Homewood

Joe Bastardi develops the his ideas on how oceans affect global temperatures, in a guest post at Climate Change Dispatch:


Given it’s the number one greenhouse gas (GHG), one would naturally think water vapor (WV) is the big powerhouse in global weather and climate.

It’s why I am a lone voice in the wilderness who supports Dr. John Cahir’s idea from year’s ago that the real metric to measure global warming is saturation mixing ratios.

Unfortunately, such an idea is about as popular as an outbreak of influenza with so many scientists pushing CO2-driven warming.

Why? Well, what is the number one source of thermal energy on the planet, with 99.9%? The oceans. What is the prime source of water vapor (and arguably CO2)? The oceans.

The recent Super El Nino sent an immense amount of water vapor into the pattern. I have already opined that this…

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Myth 7: Tubeless Tires Roll Faster

“A tire set up tubeless won’t be faster than a lightweight inner tube, but also not significantly slower. The simple fact is that a tube, especially a lightweight one, is extremely supple and adds very little resistance. The sealant required to run a supple tire tubeless will cancel out the gains from eliminating the tube.”

Off The Beaten Path

When tubeless tires first became popular on mountain bikes, it was their resistance to pinch flats (above) that made them popular. Off-road, there are few nails or broken bottles that can cause punctures (and even those usually will be pushed into the soft ground rather than puncture the tire), but rims can bottom out on sharp rocks and other obstacles. So much so, in fact, that top mountain bike racers used to race on tubular tires – because tubular rims make pinch flats less likely. Eliminating tubes did the same, and while you still could ‘burp’ the tire, in general, tubeless allowed running lower pressures with fewer problems.

Many also believed that tubeless tires were faster. It made sense: an inner tube, even a thin one, added a membrane that flexed and absorbed energy. A tire without a tube had to be faster, even if only by a small amount! One big…

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Child Sex Trafficking Rings

Pizzagate was just the beginning of the cracks opening in the floor, outing some of the more high-profile psychopaths. Alafantis, Podesta and Weiner. Pedogate then brought global awareness. Sadly, this is nothing new. The Vatican has protected pedophiles for over a century.  The Royal Family is embroiled in pedophilia and trafficking as well. Hollywood elites, government officials, law enforcement and celebrities all have a penchant for the sick and disgusting practice of pedophilia.

This is just the beginning of uncovering the global pedophile ring that involves the US government, the British government, the Royals, the Vatican and many, many elites in politics and Hollywood.  Stay tuned…