El Periodicois reporting that Valentino Rossi (Movistar Yamaha MotoGP) has attempted some testing at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, with the Italian ridinga Yamaha R1 around the venue for a few laps to test his fitness.Rossi, who broke his tibia and fibula ahead of the San Marino GP, is aiming to be back in the World Championship as quickly as possible, if not Aragon then Motegi. This test is reported as a deciding factor in whether he will travel to MotorLand to attempt FP1.

If he is not able to ride, he will be replaced at the Aragon GP by Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team’s Michael van der Mark, fresh from the podium at Portimão.

(Credit: MotoGP)

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Psyops… Staged attacks, Crises Actors and the Fourth Reich…

Holes and inconsistencies. Deception to mislead. Emotional Warfare. PSYOP.
An interesting video if nothing else. Raises many, many questions. Still unanswered.

“Into the souls on the tree of pain…
-“Across the mud huts where the children sleep through the alleys of a quiet city street…
“Outside is America, America…”

The West. A corrupted, criminal, warmongering enterprise in charge. Owned by Banksters, Legitimized by ideological, statist, apathetic populations.




Yamaha’s WorldSBK rider Michael van der Mark will be riding Valentino Rossi’s YZR-M1 in round 14 of the 2017 MotoGP World Championship, staged at the MotorLand Aragón track in Spain, while the Italian is recovering from his leg injury.For the Aragón race, Van der Mark will be backed by Rossi’s usual crew. This opportunity will provide the 24-year-old with a similar MotoGP experience to the one fellow YamahaWorldSBK rider and 2017 Suzuka 8-hours Endurance Race winner Alex Lowes was given last year.Michael van der Mark: “I’m excited to be given the opportunity to ride the YZR-M1 at the Aragón MotoGP round. I’ve never ridden a MotoGP bike before, so this will be a completely new experience for me. I’m very curious to see what it feels like to ride on such a machine. I realise that it won’t be easy going straight into an official practice session…

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Gary Null and James Corbett podcast

Two of the very best researchers and fact-based journalists in the world discuss the nefarious and subversive US government and its federal reserve ponzi scheme.

Two of the best in alternative news and information in a world full of propagandist lies and deception coming from ALL corporate-bankster owned medias. Reject the statist central power and allow yourself to awaken to the truth. Not your conditioned perception of a truth, shaped by lies and deceit. But rather the truth for what it is. Based on science and factual occurrences.

Wikileaks… the last bastion of truth

So it seems our our illustrious, piece of shit, cocksucking, scumbag, corrupted, murderous criminal government is trying its best to take Wikileaks down.

Thank goodness (or god if your religious…) for Whistleblowers! Thanks to these brave, courageous individuals, we are being exposed to the TRUTH of the heinous actions of our government, its actors and agents. How anyone could watch, listen, read any main stream news is beyond comprehension. They lie, deceive and publish propaganda for their masters.

With over 1100 cia operatives planted in ALL media, we now know (thank you Gary Null) that nothing gets printed, stated or published without the approval of the murderous scumbag agency known as the cia.

#libertarian #minarchist #fuckthegovernment #libertyandfreedom

Two Years of Racing on Compass: Interview with Matt Surch

“What tire pressure do you run? And how much do you weigh?”

“I weight about 172 lbs in the spring… up to about 177 lbs during the season. I used to run 50 psi rear, 47 front on the Bon Jons, but now I tend to run closer to 40. I spent a week in South Carolina riding big climbs and fast descents, and settled on about 55 psi in the 32 mm tires, which felt fantastic in the turns…”

Off The Beaten Path

Long-time Bicycle Quarterly reader Matt Surch (above) put his name on the map when he won last year’s Steaming Nostril gravel race on Compass Bon Jon Pass tires. We checked back in with him to see how the tires performed in the year since then, and to hear about his road racing on Compass Cayuse Pass tires.

JH: With another season of riding and racing on the Bon Jon Pass tires, how do you feel about them?

Matt Surch: Frankly, the Bon Jons have been exactly what I’ve been hoping for in a gravel tire. This comes down to two key aspects: 1) volume – 35 mm is perfect for so much of the riding I do off paved roads. 2) tubeless – I love this format for its road feel and flat resistance. One of the things I’m really enjoying with the Bon Jons is that they are perfect…

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What Is a Road Bike?

Off The Beaten Path

In past decades, there was little doubt about what made a “road” bike: narrow tires, drop handlebars, no fenders.

Then randonneur bikes were re-introduced into cycling’s mainstream, leading to some confusion. “That is a touring bike,” said many. “It has a rack and fenders.” But the performance of the randonneur bike is the same as that of a racing bike, and far from a touring bike. Basically, the randonneur bike is a racing bike with integrated fenders, lights and a small rack. (The geometry also has been tweaked to carry the load.) If you take the meaning of “road bike” literally, a randonneur bike fits it at least as well as any other bike.

And then along came wide tires, and suddenly you have a bike like the Open U.P. (above) or my Firefly. “It has 26″/ 27.5″ wheels and fat tires. It’s a rigid mountain bike with drop bars,” 

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