Giro d’terra-alta 2012

09/22/2012 – 92 miles – 9200′ up… (Tour of the Highlands)
The day was Epic indeed
Giro d'alta

It was time to step out of the shadows of reservation and face my biggest challenge yet…The long road that lay ahead would rise up and further up on this day. 9,200 feet up, in fact.

The battle today would not pit man against machine, but rather man against his own limitations and the natural terrain of cruel, unrelenting ascent.


With legs, lungs and sheer will, I would drag myself and my machine over the slopes of Schooleys, Turkey Hill Rd, Milford-Statts and then Ademic Hill…and the steep grades of 15% to 24% were a sobering reality. The Highlands remained steadfast, anchored in their majestic beauty and natural dare.


From the Valley of Long to the Musconetcong Plains, the Centurion of Ascension stood tall, guarding the gates…the day was long, though the memories will last even longer.


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