39.79 miles, climbing 3500′ upward…

On this warm, sun-drenched day of April 9th, the road called
out. Beckoning for the wheels to travel its path…over streams
bridges then past the rolling greens of Stonehyrst farm.


While long, long ago, 625 years past, the Battle of Näfels
was waged. As the Glarus Swiss and their allies, the
Old Swiss Confederation with about 400 odd men, soundly
defeated 1650 Austrians of the Hapsburg Army.

Victorious in that final battle of the Swiss-Austrian conflicts,
The Swiss Confederation claimed in undisputed possession,
all the territory they had acquired in the 14th century war.

Like those Ancient ghosts of the Glarus and Confederation,
I waged my own, though slightly less bloody battle on this
day against the low and high hills of Chester and Mendham…
only to be shedded by those climbs once again.

The hills may have won today, but I’ll be back to claim
victory when the Summer Solstice is ushered in.