Giro d’Italia: The Key Climbs

Team Sky take a look at the key Giro d’Italia battlegrounds
in the Mountains. Tune in Saturday, May 4th for the 96th
Giro d’Italia!

“From the spectacular Passo di Stelvio to the legendary
Col du Galibier, the ascents will combine steep gradients with
seemingly endless stretches of uphill to test the riders to their limit.”

3 thoughts on “Giro d’Italia: The Key Climbs

  1. Tre Cime, baby!

    20a Tappa – Sabato 25 Maggio 2013:
    Silandro – Tre Cime di Lavaredo (San Pellegrino, Giau, Tre Croci) 202 km (Alta Montagna)
    km 89,5 – Passo di Costalunga (1745 m)
    km 116,7 – Passo di San Pellegrino (1918 m)
    km 163,2 – Passo Giau (2236 m)
    km 188,5 – Passo Tre Croci (1805 m)
    km 202 (Arrivo) – Tre Cime di Lavaredo (2304 m)


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