By now, most cyclists know of or have heard of the “Chinese Built”
or “Chinarello” type bicycles that have made their way to the shores
of Europe and the U.S.

The Z-CB-R-002

Much to the chagrin of bike shop owners and big-brand bicycle companies,
these bikes have been gaining popularity over the last few years and are now
starting to become more and more common. First it was carbon components,
then wheels, then the frameset a fraction of the prices usually paid.

So, after about a year of research on forums, the handful of companies that
manufacture these bikes various cycling sites, ebay feedback, direct feedback
from buyers & riders, I have decided to build an Asian made frame/fork bicycle.

Part of the reason is that my very good friend (who owns two Dogma 65.1’s)
wants to see if these bikes are nearly as good as the big-branded models at
a fraction of the cost. And since these are his wishes…he is footing
the bill for the CF frame/fork, bars and wheels. (Can you say I’m one lucky bastard!?) 😀

Over the next few months, I will be documenting the build up of a
2014 model, carbon fibre road bicycle branded, Archetype X – R002.

The frame and ancillary components are Manufactured by Zhongwei Composites
of Shenzhen City China. Zhongwei has engineered a lightweight, reliable and proven Z-CB-R-002 Open Mold Carbon Fibre frame that will be the basis of this build.

The two main goals of this project are to build a complete and predominantly carbon
fibre bicycle weighing in at or less than 7.6kg and costing no more than $1800 usd.
And to obtain performance and reliability from every component that will make up
this aerodynamic, archetype machine.

8 thoughts on “StealthWorks/p9

  1. A friend of mine races with one of these, and swears that they are just as good as the brand names. I could never ride one of them, but I’ll still be curious what you find.


  2. Me too Aaron, I’m more curious as to the long-term reliability. I have my carbon Pro-Lite
    (Taiwanese made frame) for 8 years now with thankfully no issues. So I am hoping for similar results with the Zhongwei made bike. I too have heard of guys racing these with success. It makes sense when you think that a majority of the carbon bikes are now sourced from China and Taiwan. The price is no doubt right and the feedback since 2010 on these bikes seems mostly positive. I will write about the build as I go along and of course updates about performance and reliability in 2014…

    One real plus I am looking forward to is the weight. My Pro-Lite without bottles and bag (complete bike just with cages) weighs in at 19.44 lbs. Super heavy for a CF bike. I think I can finish this bike up at 16.75 lbs. or 7.6kg’s. Which will be an enormous delta. I should feel the difference immediately. My climbing times should in theory, come down a bit!


  3. Three seasons on a FM015 and it is still going strong despite endless abuse. I could no longer bring myself to ride a brand name carbon frame on the potholed roads I regularly ride.

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  4. Great project, look forward to seeing it finished! I’ve built a number of Chinese carbon MTB’s and I’ve had no problems with quality or performance either except sometimes the frames need a little prep. I want to try out a carbon CX frame next!

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    • Thanks David.
      I know what you mean about frame prep!
      A little rough sometimes on the finishes…

      I hope to start the build next month.

      A CX build should be great project too!



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