2013 by the numbers

As 2013 comes to a close…sadly, so does my riding. Hey, I’m just not one for cold
weather pedaling…between a deteriorating disc…and painful arthritis it’s more
than just a matter of staying warm!

Each year I always aim for riding more miles than the previous one,  as I think most
all cyclists do. Though in the past few years I haven’t managed to hit those goals-
except this year!

Looking back at 2012, for 2013 I wound up riding 398 more miles,
(which equated to an extra 30.5 hours in the saddle) while climbing
an additional 30,530 feet!

I also managed to snag four KOM Descents; Clark Rd, Mount Harmony Rd and
Dryden-Bliss rd’s in Bernardsville then Ironia Rd (aka Snake Hill) in Mendham.
Plus, a second place down the  treacherous and harrowing Pennbrook Rd
(aka Jacobs Ladder) in Far Hills. Descending is by far my best attribute…
although a few near-misses will probably see me being more cautious in 2014…

2013 stats

My pre-season goal was to ride at least 3,000 miles and climb 225,000 feet of elevation. Mission accomplished! So, suffice to say I am chuffed with the results!

2012 stats

Armed with a new machine (yet to be built…) for the coming riding season of 2014, of course I hope to ride farther and climb even higher!

Happy Holidays to all… and here’s to an early Spring!


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