It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey…and it’s gonna last you the rest of your life

A little Dark Humor…to pass the days.

The snow has been falling rather steady and piling up here in the northeast.
Bleak, cold, grey days of winter have taken up residency in my aging bones and
my faltering mind…We have had 6 days over the last 3 weeks of sub-zero temps,
ranging from 0 to -6, without any windchill, which has been brutal in my lowly opinion.

And, it can feel at times as if the low winter Sun has left some us for dead…
Yet there is cause for a muted tribute…as Spring is only a mere 42 days away.

I take solace knowing that soon we will see the blossoms of trees and splendid greenery
that lines the roads and paths we long to ride, so take note old man winter…your time is fleeting, like life itself…

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