Archetype – X | R002 – SS Build (part IV)

Well, work has finally begun on the R002 supersport build. I began by cleaning up all the
openings in the frame and taking off the rough edges on the head tube, seat tube
with some light grit sand cloth and a scotchbrite pad.

Then I made sure the bottom bracket threads did not have any aluminum shavings.
I gave it a quick cleaning with a nylon (not metal) tube brush, ensuring the FSA
MegaExo BB cartridge would thread on with no issues.

This coming week, I will install the crankset, chain, then the headset, stem and bars.
There is an issue with the seat post and the frames seat tube. For whatever reason,
there is some ‘play’ between the two. It looks like I will have to shim the seat post.

The last step will be routing the cables, putting the finishing touches on and buttoning
the bike up for the first test ride…I’m hoping that will be around the 21st or 22nd.


2 thoughts on “Archetype – X | R002 – SS Build (part IV)

  1. Glad you doing this blog! I am going to be building my R-002 starting tomorrow, it just came today.
    Did you face your bottom bracket? Did it look faced? Wondering how clean the outside of the bottom bracket looked?
    Keep them coming, I may need some help!


    • Hi Nicholas,
      no problem, thanks for the comments.

      When you say “faced” do you mean sand? Or machine?
      I did not do anything to the bracket itself, except put a very light coat of anti-seize on the first couple of threads.
      Since the bikes BB threads are alumn, I did not want to chance cross-threading or stripping the threads.

      It’s a MegaExo FSA. Brand new. I did clean up the threads on the bikes BB. I used a poly bristle brush to sweep out the threads.
      Remember, the BB threads/screws on CC on the left side and CW on the right.



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