Projekt Archetype-X R002 (Test Session III)

The Projekt Archetype – X Bike concluded its third testing session of the R-002
on Saturday, April 12th. Weather conditions were fairly decent, with temps in
the 60’s, dry roads, partly sunny skies and a light wind.

I headed for roads with rolling terrain, flat stretches, small climbs and a few fast
twisty sections. I deliberately drove the R-002 hard in to the corners and kept pushing
the front end much more than the previous two outings, with the end result being a
less ‘twitchy’ response. Front end grip is good and the steering feedback does not
seem quite as vague as it had initially felt.

The 39 mile test ride has returned significant results on setup as I continue to gain
confidence riding the R-002 Supersport at increasingly faster paces. I was able to attack
much harder through both technical, tight and sweeping corners- subsequently, I have
garnered a first place  and a second place in two very fast segments of esses I often ride.


This third test session has allowed me to adapt to the chassis a bit better and capitalize
on the bike’s potential, after making two modifications from the previous tests. The first
change made was to lower the headtube-stem stack height 5mm’s. (replacing the 10mm spacer with a 5mm spacer)

The second change implemented was installing a 90mm stem in favor of the original
80mm stem. (which equates to a +11.1% increase in stem length) Though often it only
takes slight changes to effect two-wheeled vehicles. These modifications have narrowed the distance from the center of the bar to the front axle, which prior to the changes had been 5-5/16″ or 134.93 mm’s. The measurement is now at 5-1/16″ or 128.58 mm’s. (a decrease of approximately 4%) These two key changes have provided the R002-SS with a bit more stability, which lends itself to a higher level of confidence and a more content rider!


For those not too familiar with two-wheeled dynamics, you might question what stem length or height has to do with steering of a bicycle. Well, it turns out (no pun intended!) that stem length has a subtle effect on the radius of the turning arc. The longer the stem, the greater the length of the arc. And it is the opposite for a shorter stem. The end result is that the steering ‘feels’ a bit slower with longer stem length and quicker with a shorter length, which some, (myself included) might describe as a ‘twitchy’ feel or response)

So, after 3 official test outings and 8 total rides for approximately 182 miles, I am becoming somewhat satisfied with the bike. The setting changes and data I am extracting is proving to be valuable for a good compromised setup. My aim to is to continue refining the machine to get the maximum comfort and performance out of it for the rest of 2014 and beyond.