The STATIST quo…

Without doubt, this post will ruffle the feathers of some, if not many. As you might guess, that does not matter to me. What does matter, is that I opine a dissenting, opposing view to the popular beliefs in society (bike related or not) I was prompted to write this impromptu post after watching today’s Giro d’Italia and the crashes that took place near the end of the stage.

Statism is a form of a mild mental disorder. Which can be a short-term or a long-term affliction.

Statism not only applies to those who just blindly support the ‘State’ but who also blindly and without critical question or thinking, support popular but often false narratives.

Statists, often buy in to what are just falsities, notions that are illogical when critically analyzed, but are not given much thought, because they are a ‘popular’ belief. Sadly, most of these inaccuracies are perpetuated from when we are born. The collective are conditioned to believe almost everything we are taught or instructed to do so. Often by the media, schools and the masses of like-minded drones. Critical dissent and critical agitation are a must for the truth to survive and triumph.

Trust, laziness and apathy are at the heart of the propagation of such falsities and misunderstandings in all societies. In cycling, as in any form of moving transportation, the CAUSATION of any accident, crash or mishap is ALWAYS, always the fault of the operator(s). Let that sink in and either make you nod yes, maybe or pull down your undergarments from your backside- as I am sure they have may have wedged up there just a bit.

We have devolved in to a world of blaming anything and everything on someone or something else. To that, I say bullshit.

The Causation of a bike  pileup is NOT due to road furniture. Not due to slick roads. Not due to the rain, snow, ice, etc. But rather it is down to the operator(s) Which includes big packs of riders or drivers. That said, the above mentioned hazards do play a significant role. They are ancillary factors. Obstacles can be avoided. When they are not, excuses are at the forefront. This is somewhat normal human behavior, although when analyzed, not the truth.

The ice storms of this past winter in the northeast were NOT the causation of the multitude of wrecks and accidents. Certainly, the ice was a contributing factor- but not the Causation. The ice in fact was a Correlation. The pileups in bike races do not happen because OF an obstacle, or the roads were narrow or it was raining, etc. No, sorry to burst the statist bubble.

The crashes, the pileups, the accidents, all happen because the rider or driver did NOT keep control of his or her vehicle. Plain and simple. When conditions are not dry or impose a non-typical setting or surrounding, one must adapt to these changing and hazardous conditions. Not only adapt, but adapt well. Bike handling skills and vehicle control under duress and hazardous conditions are THE most important ability and understanding to have in any moving vehicle, 2 or 4 or more wheeled.

A crash or an accident reveals one and one thing only about the operator. Careless or reckless behavior. Yes, reckless. But mostly just careless actions. Now, can careless actions be a result of fatigue? Absolutely. How about because of someone else’s mistake? Again, absolutely. But no matter what the contributing or ancillary factors that were in play, the bottom line is…operator error. Operator fault. Crashes, accidents and mishaps expose ones lack of ability. Mine, yours, and everyone’s at some point in time.


1.not paying enough attention to what one does-


  1. utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless
    (usually followed by of ): to be reckless of danger.

2.characterized by or proceeding from such carelessness: reckless extravagance.

Without control, one is at the mercy of external forces (variable and changing conditions) and when in a pack of bicycles and riders,  one is also at the mercy of everyone around him or her. No amount of excuses will alter this truth, although many will try. Truth does not care about ones feelings, truth does not discriminate, Truth simply, is.


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