Road Racing is Dangerous

As a former motorcycle road racer, I applaud and concur with the authors comments. I was fully aware of the dangers. With freewill, I accepted all the risks. Motorbike racing IS dangerous, in fact it’s supposed to be dangerous. Furthermore, any racing or fast riding on two wheels, motorized or not is dangerous.


Simon Andrews lost his life at the 2014 North West 200 in a crash on a very fast, straight section of road into Portrush. He was dismounted at high speed and suffered an impact with the kerb causing severe injuries. Typically in these circumstances the rider is put into an induced coma and airlifted. Simon showed some signs of recovery but passed away on Monday 19th May.

This along with an incident on the previous Thursday when a French rookie rider sustained severe injuries has induced the inevitable outcry from those who have nothing to do with the sport, suggesting that running the event is no longer feasible and indeed any government funding should be stopped. I feel the need to comment.

I feel this reaction is insulting to the life of Simon Andrews and all those other riders who have lost their lives for the sport. The implication that…

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