On dopey drivers and the Doppler Effect

Don’t be retarded!!! LMFAO!!!

We Run and Ride

By Christopher Cudworth

Musical symbols for retard. My companion and I were pedaling up Illinois Highway 2 between Dixon and Oregon, Illinois, minding our position next to the white line along the road when a small silver car came buzzing past with the windows wide open. The driver yelled something at us but we could not hear exactly what he said.

See, there’s this thing in physics where sound gets distorted by speed and distance. You might be aware of the Doppler Effect when a train goes by. You’ll hear the horn and it will go something like ___Nyyyyyyyyeeeeeeettttttttoooooooooooowwwwwwwwnnnnn_____

I’m no physicist of course. But I know enough to know that yelling out of a car window results in about the same sort of sound distortion. Which means that dopey drivers yelling things at cyclists out their car windows think they’re making some really cogent point about the fact that they hate the idea…

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Wiesenthal Velo…

A recent leisurely ride through Basel and Lorrach across the old Zoll…The sun was shining, the river flowing and the wheels were slowly rolling.



Schweiz-Deutschland Zoll…


Laura pedaling steady…


My borrowed Felt…heavy and solid.