Being Anti-fragile

2ndrate cyclist has it spot on! Stop your crying, rub some dirt on it and get on with it Sally boys…

Secondrate Cyclist


Suck it up

Grow a pair

Whatever you want to call the art of being anti-fragile, it is a trained skill that must be honed. How? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Quit whining. Stuff happens. Deal with it. No matter what the circumstance, there is a way though it . . . not around it.
  2. Take a stand. With everything being so political and sensitive, chose a side and stay on it. Don’t be wishy-washy. Read. Educate yourself to be able to discuss your beliefs and why you take the stand you do.
  3. Be an example. Children have enough idiots to view in their lifetime. Be an example to your children and NOT diving in to solve all of their problems. Allow them to explore and learn and ask any question.
  4. Follow the best path for you and your family. It might not be popular, but it will benefit who matters…

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