If The Facts Don’t Fit The Theory, Change The Facts

I typically don’t post or reblog too many non-cycling topics, but I found this very interesting.

Real Science

Einstein joked :

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.

He was mocking fake scientists who tamper with data, like the ones in the US government which create fake temperature graphs.

The White House is engaged in a big push to create an imaginary “climate legacy” for the narcissistic in chief. Actual temperatures provide no support for the agenda, so NCDC simply makes up fake data. They show US temperatures for October as 4th warmest since 1895

ScreenHunter_4787 Nov. 23 10.36

Their own thermometer data shows nothing of the sort. October temperatures in the US haven’t warmed since 1895, and this past October was unremarkable.  The animation below alternates between NCDC measured and reported temperatures. Note how they bumped October 2014 up a full degree.


Do they actually believe that all of their observers were reading temperatures a degree too low in October 2014? That isn’t even remotely credible. Te next graph…

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2 thoughts on “If The Facts Don’t Fit The Theory, Change The Facts

  1. I’m with ya Jim. Many many Statists and Ideologues. Then you have the guilty crowd, who believe anything that is the ‘popular’ narrative, because they don’t want to go against what seems to be the ‘it’ thing. Then you have a contingent of people who just don’t want to think for themselves.

    They would rather be told something, go with and run.

    Hey, I see you’ve got the ball there Fozzie! Yeah, yeah, I got the ball and I’m runnin’! Yes, but you’re running the WRONG way, you’re headed to the opponents goal line! WHAT?! No, you’re wrong, you don’t what you’re talking about. CNN/Fox/MSNBC/Rick Maddow/Fat Rush/etc. etc…told me it was TRUE!


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