Grand Départ 2014 – Yorkshire

A little late with the summer holiday photos, but better late than never as they say! Somehow I managed to forget posting my pictures of the trip I made to York back in July. Which happened to coincide with the Le Tour de France…



You’ll notice, that there are no actual photos of the historic and grand race, or the riders for that matter. Why you may ask? Ahhh yes, the cluster fuck that was Stage 2 in the 2014 Tour…nothing short of a massive cockup by the local government or guardianship if you will. Proving their wide-reaching incompetence on a world stage, that subsequently packed an insane amount of fans into the narrow city streets, with nary a view from any vantage point other than street-level.

Needless to mention, I was fucking fuming at this discovery on the morning of the stage coming through. I’m over it now, (mostly :D) but man was I one angry Mo-Fo…What’s funny is that the administration of York pat themselves on the back for doing a ‘bang-up’ job. And to that I say, bugger. York simply did a horrible, horrible job at hosting Stage 2 of le Tour.

“A stunning walled city brimming with history and numerous attractions, including the Minster, the fascinating Shambles and surrounding shopping streets, the ancient York City Walls, the National Railway Museum, York Castle Museum, Clifford’s Tower and the Jorvik Viking Centre.”

Indeed, York was amazing. One of the BEST places I have ever visited. I absolutely loved my time and the people there. I cannot express enough how incredible the city of York truly is and how friendly all of the locals were.








Lest I forget too mention…the delectable, delicious Scones and Clotted Cream! Man oh man, was that one awesome dish! I do hope to go back to York in the near future! Cheers mates!

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