Lance Armstrong registers to ride in 2015 Livestrong Challenge

Go chief! Nice to see LA back on the bike…

I’m sure this is going to really ruffle the feathers of all those muppets who seem have a lot misplaced and displaced energies- spewing their vitriol. I always wonder why most of these ‘fans’ of cycling don’t get that upset over the corrupted criminal governments drone bombing women and children…but instead get so angry over an athlete using ped’s and lying. In the end, it’s ALL entertainment. But when governments destroy liberty, that’s REAL life.

 If nothing else I’ll get a huge kick from those who are going to implode over this news! C’est la vie I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong registers to ride in 2015 Livestrong Challenge

    • Lol! I’m with you Jim!
      I know a lot of people have a knee jerk reaction to the idea of using anabolics. But when you get to a certain age, 50 in my case and the body starts failing in certain areas because of injuries and disease, and the body is no longer making enough testosterone…supplementing with substances that improve muscle and recovery are no different than any other drug designed to improve the quality of life. And as far as athletes using anabolics to gain an edge, to me is no different than engineering, whether it is machinery or the human body imo…

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      • On one hand, I do get it – especially at a time when everyone was doing it. On the other, I’d rather see it clean. I do hope it’s cleaned up.


  1. I just don’t think you’ll ever stop it you might reduce the usage but no one or entity can nor ever will stop humans from trying to gain an advantage. That’s why I’d like to see it legalized. That will probably never happen in my lifetime, but I do think you will see designer gene athletes in the not too distant future. A form of gene doping will be unstoppable when science will be able to give would be parents an ala cart menu. that’s coming no doubt about it. And perhaps even in our lifetime we will see cyborgs competing in sports. I think the average run-of-the-mill an ordinary type of performance enhancing drugs in the future will be passe. there’s no way to stop the progress of technology and science as much as governments and governing bodies are trying to do. Just as machinery has rapidly evolved and wildly progressed over the years so too will the human body. The notion of clean vs not clean will no longer be relevant. Imo, as it stands now it really is just a matter of opinion when put into the overall context of Engineering.


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