Reasons Road Cyclists Should Try Mountain Biking (via BikeRadar)

I had come to the cycling party a bit late in life, around 37-38 years of age- though better late than never eh? Probably more out of some form of apathy and a bit of laziness than anything else I suppose. Though I did have an affinity for road cycling back in the 80’s, when I would buy Velo News (in its large newspaper format) and stare at all the bikes and riders from that era, vowing I would buy a bike the following week or month, but never did.

Once in a blue moon I would catch a highlight clip of the Coors Classic and then in the early 90’s some of the Tour Du Pont and I would say to myself, come on just go buy a bike…but sadly never did.

Then one day, sometime in 1993 while driving in the countryside, I spotted a 10 speed Peugeot curbside…in the trash. So, I stopped and gave it the once over, it seemed ridable, appearing to need only a chain and a front tire. I promptly took it home with all kinds of grand plans to fix ‘er up and make ‘er all shiny! But ultimately I would watched it sit outside and rust over the next year. Upon moving from that location, I left the bike behind (regrettably!) and would never make the play for a bike again, until 2003-2004 when I had moved to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

It was nearly 4 years after I began road cycling that I decided to pull the trigger on a mountain bike, which sort of happened by chance. I had toyed with the idea after some of the folks in the Lehigh Wheelmen talked about mtb’ing once in a while and quite frankly, It sounded like fun.

(check out the face at 2:22, none other than Conor Cummins famed TT racer. Also, Guy Martin is a avid MTB rider)

So as I was online oneday, browsing for some items on, it just happened that there was a huge sale on mountain bikes. Low and behold, there was a mid-level hardtail Ironhorse for an insanely low price of $299.00 usd with free shipping! UFB. I didn’t hesitate for a moment and made the purchase. As it turns out, it was one of the best biking decisions I have made to date.

I really enjoy riding my mountain bike and it really is a different experience when you’re riding single track or fire-roads in a quiet, peaceful surrounding amongst the woodlands or out on the open trails. It provides for me, a different perspective on riding and hones my bike handling skills as well being an incredibly tough workout. I know there are still a small contingent on each side of the spectrum out there who won’t consider crossing over, for whatever reasons and all I can say is, if nothing else just give a try….

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