Corporatism-Fascism strikes again…

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While I could write a dissertation on this very wide scope issue, I’ll try to keep it brief and focus on Print Media regarding this specific post.

First off, much to my dismay and awareness in the last two decades, ALL Corporate owned media is nothing but a cesspool of propaganda.

April issue of velonews. “Black Market Carbon” by some putz von bokel. This article is mostly lies, utterly deceptive and completely misleading. As the writer Implies that ALL Chinese carbon other than those sourced by the big brand name manufacturers is subpar in construction AND dangerous. While not at all delineating whatsoever, between “counterfeit” frames vs “open mold” frames or manufacturers vs resellers.

Which of course is absolutely 100% misleading to its readers. Yoleo, Zhongwei, Dengfu and Falcon are good, reputable carbon makers and NOT simply resellers, as velo widely implies. Yes, eBay and alibaba are filled with resellers as well as a few direct sellers. But one MUST do the research in order to know and understand that difference and very fact.

Yes, some counterfeit frames are shit. No doubt that is true. Though the majority of the Chinese carbon bike and parts manufacturers produce good, solid and safe frame/fork parts that have been around nearly 10 years and proven reliable.

Shame on velonews and the ill informed writer von bokel. Exhibiting POOR, Biased and irresponsible journalism. What this amounts to, is typical ‘playbook’ rhetoric from corporate shills and whores.

An Old Man Changed My Ride (and maybe my life) Tonight

Another good cycling (and human interest) story!

The Sky Runner

“Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

This evening, during my training ride, I came upon an old man sitting next to his bike on the side of the trail.  The paved trails of Houston are quite popular during this hour, especially on a beautiful day like today, so I pass by tons of people on this trail and think nothing of it.  But today, something told me to stop and ask if he was okay.

“I’m tired,” he stated. “I outdid myself. I’ve done 12 miles already and this trail can get hilly.”  I immediately offered him some of my water, another thing I would hardly think to do for a stranger. To my surprise, he gladly accepted.

I spent the next 30 minutes listening to this old man’s life story in awe.  He is 85 years old, helped found…

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Restore the Vows of Liberty

As a life-long resident of NJ, I have become truly disgusted with this massively corrupted, mafia-like run state. We have the highest tax burden in the nation. We have the worst roads, most dense population and the most corrupted government from our boroughs and counties to the State capital.

It makes me utterly sick to see what has happened to this once great state. A pathetic and apathetic population who have accepted this criminal government and insist on keeping the same criminals in office decade after decade.

It is long overdue to oust these plutocrats and progressives and flush them down the toilet. We need to clean house and start anew. We need working-class representation not rich, old and entrenched men and women supposedly representing us. #VoteLibertarian #RejectStatism #IdeologicalDogma


A great story and fairytale win for the young Thai rider….


CORE Motorsport Thailand riderRatthapark Wilairot took the checkered flag at the second round of the World Supersport championship to secure his first ever World SUPERSPORT Victory in front of cheering Home crowd.

The Thai rider finished ahead of three times Champion Kenan Sofuoglu (Kawasaki Puccetti Racing) and PJ Jacobsen (Kawasaki Intermoto Ponyexpre) who were second and 3rdin a photo finish at the end of an enthralling 17 lap race that had the packed grandstands on their feet with each lap completed.

From the start it was Kenan Sofuoglu that took the holeshot, the Turkish rider keen to make up for his mistake in the opening round of the series, but by lap 5 a group of five that included championship leader Jules Cluzel (MV Agusta Reparto Corse), Kyle Smith (Pata Honda World Supersport Team), PJ Jacobsen (Kawasaki Intermoto Ponyexpres) and local hero Ratthapark Wilairot (CORE Motorsport Thailand) were…

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Winter riding recap (skirt off!)

After 11 years of road cycling, this was the first in which I had ridden through the winter months. Of course I had to pick one of harshest winters and top 3 coldest Februaries of all time here in NJ…and another year of 100+ temperature delta’s.

PL Mtn Pk

Not many know but the northeast, particularly NJ has one of the most severe climate variations in the US. Consistently with more than 1 day of 100°+ to more than 1 day of negative zero, 0° to 5°. It’s not something many consider given the brutal heat of the southwest and the brutal cold of the northcentral regions.

snow fleece

I managed to get out for 4 rides from Dec 21st onward. 9 rides in January, 5 times in February and so far 3 times in March. Albeit mostly short rides, but 21 rides nonetheless. Now it looks like this month is warming up nicely which will be good for continuing the base miles (or at least something that resembles base miles!)

When the snow piled up and the roads were somewhat impassable, I took to the mtb, which was a good change up and kept my bike handling skills sharpened. Aye, though the snow, salt and ice wreaked havoc on me drivetrains!

Slushed gears




My rides varied as did the temps, from a low of about 15° in Feb to a high of 46°, battling misting rain, ice and snow, hedy winds and treacherous roads. But, I made it through like everyone else who chose to keep riding through old man winters wrath and I’m thankful for the coming Spring….Bring on the Summer!

“the infection has been removed…the soul of this machine has improved….”

Liberals and Progressives As Fascists and Nazis? by Thomas Martin Sobottke

No doubt about it, BOTH parties are progressive and BOTH parties subscribe to a Corporatist-Fascist rule of government, as our rigged and manipulated economy is based on a model of 1930’s economic fascism. The American Nazi Party is what statists and ideologues like to refer to as Democrats and Republicans….

Struggles For Justice Blog

Woodrow Wilson Two

Teddy ThreeSocialist Obama


Hitler Obamad


Hitler and Mussolini

Jonah Goldberg’s best- selling new book Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, (New York: Doubleday, 2012), offers us the provocative thesis that American Liberalism and Progressivism has always been and continues to be rooted firmly within Italian Fascism and German National Socialism. In fact, that it heavily inspired both European movements to begin with.

Goldberg points out nearly a hundred times in the book that he is not arguing that Liberals are Fascists and Nazis but then goes on to fully document Mussolini’s Fascist state and Hitler’s German Nazi state and then tells us just as often that Liberalism and Progressivism were merely more “gentle, nanny” versions of these dictatorial regimes.

He firmly plants the Americans of the Progressive Era with an undue fascination with eugenics, and fascist government. Goldberg’s thesis or main argument can be summarized best when…

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If The Data Doesn’t Match The Theory, Change The Data

More solid work from Tony on the Steven Goddard blog.

Real Science

NASA didn’t like the fact that Antarctica was cooling, so they simply changed the data to meet the needs of funding. Gavin said in 2004 that Antarctica had cooled significantly.

ScreenHunter_1156 Mar. 02 18.24

ScreenHunter_1154 Mar. 02 18.20

ScreenHunter_1159 Mar. 02 18.47

But NASA knew that wasn’t any use for the global warming agenda, so they simply changed the data a couple of years later.

ScreenHunter_1157 Mar. 02 18.26

But that fake data wasn’t effective enough, so Steig made it even hotter in Antarctica

ScreenHunter_1153 Mar. 02 18.19

And now, Jeff Masters reports that it was 1,830 degrees in Antarctica yesterday.

ScreenHunter_1150 Mar. 02 17.53

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