Winter riding recap (skirt off!)

After 11 years of road cycling, this was the first in which I had ridden through the winter months. Of course I had to pick one of harshest winters and top 3 coldest Februaries of all time here in NJ…and another year of 100+ temperature delta’s.

PL Mtn Pk

Not many know but the northeast, particularly NJ has one of the most severe climate variations in the US. Consistently with more than 1 day of 100°+ to more than 1 day of negative zero, 0° to 5°. It’s not something many consider given the brutal heat of the southwest and the brutal cold of the northcentral regions.

snow fleece

I managed to get out for 4 rides from Dec 21st onward. 9 rides in January, 5 times in February and so far 3 times in March. Albeit mostly short rides, but 21 rides nonetheless. Now it looks like this month is warming up nicely which will be good for continuing the base miles (or at least something that resembles base miles!)

When the snow piled up and the roads were somewhat impassable, I took to the mtb, which was a good change up and kept my bike handling skills sharpened. Aye, though the snow, salt and ice wreaked havoc on me drivetrains!

Slushed gears




My rides varied as did the temps, from a low of about 15° in Feb to a high of 46°, battling misting rain, ice and snow, hedy winds and treacherous roads. But, I made it through like everyone else who chose to keep riding through old man winters wrath and I’m thankful for the coming Spring….Bring on the Summer!

“the infection has been removed…the soul of this machine has improved….”

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