Corporatism-Fascism strikes again…

(Post revised)

While I could write a dissertation on this very wide scope issue, I’ll try to keep it brief and focus on Print Media regarding this specific post.

First off, much to my dismay and awareness in the last two decades, ALL Corporate owned media is nothing but a cesspool of propaganda.

April issue of velonews. “Black Market Carbon” by some putz von bokel. This article is mostly lies, utterly deceptive and completely misleading. As the writer Implies that ALL Chinese carbon other than those sourced by the big brand name manufacturers is subpar in construction AND dangerous. While not at all delineating whatsoever, between “counterfeit” frames vs “open mold” frames or manufacturers vs resellers.

Which of course is absolutely 100% misleading to its readers. Yoleo, Zhongwei, Dengfu and Falcon are good, reputable carbon makers and NOT simply resellers, as velo widely implies. Yes, eBay and alibaba are filled with resellers as well as a few direct sellers. But one MUST do the research in order to know and understand that difference and very fact.

Yes, some counterfeit frames are shit. No doubt that is true. Though the majority of the Chinese carbon bike and parts manufacturers produce good, solid and safe frame/fork parts that have been around nearly 10 years and proven reliable.

Shame on velonews and the ill informed writer von bokel. Exhibiting POOR, Biased and irresponsible journalism. What this amounts to, is typical ‘playbook’ rhetoric from corporate shills and whores.

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