Supplements: Science or Snake Oil?

As with anything in life, there are some things that are effective and some that are not so effective. And with supplements, there are some that work and some that are just ineffective and nothing more than what amounts to a ‘placebo’.

I already take a Creatine powder supplement along with my protein shake for recovery, something I began doing years ago with positive results. But now I want to try some other well known supplements as well.

For the last 18 months or so, I have experienced a marked drop-off in energy levels. I am more fatigued and have less endurance overall. Like most amateur/weekend athletes, I have addressed the standard diet, nutrition and sleep factors to death. I eat fairly clean, I don’t smoke, rarely drink alcohol, workout, ride and sleep an average of 7.5 hours a night. I have also had a full blood workup done, with no red flags. Nothing has changed in the last 18 or so months, other than I am 18 months older and at nearly 50, perhaps it is just age. Though I’m not so convinced of that.

The resulting decline in my physical state leaves me puzzled, frustrated and outright fucking pissed. So to that end, I have decided I will experiment with a variety of substances. Yes, I am completely aware of any and all side-effects or dangers that may be associated with any of the substances I will try. I will be using low to moderate (LLT) doses of anything I ingest and it will only be for short (4-6 week) periods, with accompanying 4-6 week ‘off-cycles’

My first experiment will be with diet supplements, essentially a ephedrine/caffeine stack, accompanied by 81mg’s of aspirin. Typically this is a ‘fat burning’ combination/supplement, though for my purposes I will be seeking a boost in energy levels, not weight loss. I’m slated to start next week.

I also will be trying some or all the following substances at different points in the year:

Cellucor – C4
Varying combinations of Taurine/Guarana/Arginine/Sulbutiamine
( I have not decided on the stack yet)

Other possibilities depending on availability, will be:
Adderall or similar stimulants

I am also contemplating anti-aging medicines as well, though that will take more of an effort through medical consultation and spending of discretionary money (of which I don’t really have)

Through each phase of my experimentation, I will keep track of all the positive and negative effects I might incur and report back in the coming months.

6 thoughts on “Supplements: Science or Snake Oil?

  1. Did you look at electrolytes? I ran myself down that way and Gatorade brought me back… I realize that suggesting something so simple to a veteran cyclist is sticking my neck out there a bit but it’s worth it.

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    • Hey Jim, no thanks for your input, I do appreciate others thinking about what could be the problem. But, electrolytes are good. I even had my levels checked (though not while riding or post ride) I do add extra salt to my drink. I always take one water bottle and one electrolyte bottle. Usually a mix of Gatorade and Nunn or Gu Brew. It’s so frustrating to see and feel my physicality waning. I scheduled another blood work test for next week. (Thanks in part to my recent insurance plan – not afhc though) I am determined to find some answers.


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    • Thanks for reblogging the post! As I have always wondered too and over the years I have taken different supplements with no real noticeable effects. But these two are definitely real. As far as a baseline? Not sure, I have not taken anything prior for the past 2 years to trying these supplements. I’m just a recreational cyclist who has lingered in the 14-15 mpg range probably averaging about 3k miles per year for over a decade. Other than that…

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