Dis-Obey your Masters…

Without question, Dissent and Disobedience have proven to be and continue to be crucial to a TRUE Democracy, something this nation has been severely lacking for too long. Dissent and Disobedience are both key to ensuring and sustaining each of our born rights of liberty and freedom. And yes, more times than not,  Dissent and Disobedience lead to violent behavior.

It’s nothing but Apathy that Begets Tyranny. It’s black and white, there is no gray area when it comes to the tenets of liberty. A society can not expect to be ruled by indirect and direct force and not strike back.

Modern societies are now governed by elite, violent, corrupted *elected officials (*through fraudulent voting) who use corporatized and militarized forces to do their bidding. Most modern societies utilize Violence and Force to enact and implement so-called paper laws- whether they are useful or productive or not. If a citizen has a legitimate dispute with a unreasonable government and they choose to dissent, the government ultimately uses violent force to make said citizen comply. This is NOT a tenet of a free society.

Yet so many Statists on the Right and on the Left believe it is a free society and that is how a so-called ‘free’ society should be run. Sadly, the U.S. (and the EU/UK) have declined into ‘soft’ tyrannies, that are quickly descending into Police States. Revolt and Riot are a necessary tool when people must live under these conditions. The problem with main stream societies is that they fail to see how much the west has fallen, because compared to most of the world, especially dictatorial, underdeveloped nations The west overall, are still a very good countries to live in.

And although this is somewhat true, it is a deflective argument. If these same people who argue for the State, looked INWARD only instead of comparing the west to say, North Korea or China or Central Africa, and truly admitted what has been and continues to happen, I think there would be an awakening. Or I would like to hope so.

‘Conservatives’ more so than Progressives are famous for quickly, though incorrectly comparing the U.S. to small Autocratic nations and saying how great we are, how free we are etc, etc. It’s an easy and simplified statement but in the end, a flawed notion. It’s like saying, look at that person over there, a double arm amputee, but compared to a four limb amputee, you have it so good. This type of logic and reasoning in my opinion is irrational and short sighted.

It’s no secret that big city and large township police forces have recently and are currently being militarized day by day. The ‘cops’ who used to walk the beat and engage the community are now Modern S.S. Gestapo and Stasi type officers murdering and killing residents and citizens without question. This is unacceptable in a ‘free’ society, no matter race, creed or religion.

For the past 50+ years the U.S. government has been mimicking the former Third-Reich with its propaganda and violence against its own citizenry, but have accelerated its strong-arm tactics masked as a ‘safety’ and ‘race’ issue. Western governments have never really dismissed the ideology and practice of 1930’s Fascism, in fact the west has expanded the ideology and have earned the moniker of the Fourth Reich, which includes most of western Europe and North America.

Unfortunately, most people rely on corporate-owned main stream media to spoon-feed them their news, which is very short-sighted and in fact even negligent in this age of alternative information. Most people and voters pledge a kind of sick, ideological allegiance to a particular party, whether it is the democrats or republicans or some other extreme party ideology. All of which have become corrupted entities who dance on strings to the super elite, wealthy who rule and legislate by proxy through unlimited and unbridled lobbying, campaign donations and outright bribery.

Western governments, especially the U.S. have become too large, too powerful and most citizenry no longer have a voice. Elections are becoming more and more corrupt. Rigged and fixed. If one is not poor or one is not wealthy, one remains unspoken for and on the fast track to having their rights, liberty and freedoms eroded.

My take-away is this, whether you agree or disagree with a group who riots, a faction who dissents, a political party, an ideology, a government, a race or a religion, try and conceptualize this one thing that is absolutely certain…without Dissent, without Uncivil Disobedience, there would be little choice to be made, a lack of personal liberty and ultimately the loss of true freedom.

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