Primal Girls weekend – The Tuscany TT

“The essence of the adventure is you and your bike and taking it back to the simplicity of pedaling.”

-Amen to that!

Go Faster Gaby


Planning a girls holiday often involves sun loungers, some pampering, brightly coloured cocktails and late nights in bars. I have a slightly different view on what a holiday is to me and luckily so do some of my friends. Juliana, Lorena and Rickie are some of the toughest most inspiring female cyclist out there and I am stoked that we have all managed to get a weekend free riding bikes together.

For me a holiday is a chance to break out of normal routine, explore somewhere completely new full of discovery. Where I can challenge myself so that when I return home its with a sense of achievement and a huge grin on my face.

The 4 of us spent quite a bit of time getting very excited looking at routes and bouncing ideas off each other. It was Juliana who suggested The Tuscany trail. It is the first unsupported…

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