Why Do Spandex Wearing Cyclists Ride Like Such @$$#0£€$?

have a read, as Jim hits on some very good points…

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This post is a long time in coming.  I’ve finally had enough and it’s time to explain a few things so hopefully the those who don’t ride can understand better why we ride the way we do.  And it’s Lycra now, spandex is too ’80’s, by the way.

1:  What’s with the running or rolling through stop signs?

There are several reasons behind cyclists rolling stop signs, and we’ll get to those in a second.  What is unacceptable is a cyclist shooting through an intersection with a stop sign with traffic present, to beat a vehicle to the right-of-way.  This is stupid, ignorant and dangerous but it does happen.  If you are a cyclist who tries to beat cars to the right-of-way so you don’t have to stop, you are not intelligent and you’re giving us a bad name, please stop.  Oh, and the tie goes to the vehicle that can squish you. 

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