Moron In Chief Talks About Russia

The National Socialists of the West doing their SAME old song & dance about the East and Russia. DEFLECTING Nationalistic Western Order tactics which they impose on their own people, while pointing to a strong and powerful leader that Mr Putin is. The fact is, that the West is frightened of a strong Putin and Russia, especially one that is nuclear armed. Three cheers for those who stand up to the new Nazi’s of the Fourth Reich in the West. It’s gonna be a showdown…like Tesla said, East vs West…AND this time…the outcome will most likely be very different. I just I hope I’m still around to see the reversal of fortune from an arrogant, war-mongering, elitist-bankster run nation.

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2 thoughts on “Moron In Chief Talks About Russia

  1. So ridiculous how this is not HUGE news . . . this election is our LAST chance to survive. Russia is fully committed to re-starting aggression with us. Putin was a colonel in the KGB under Gorbachev and HATED what he worked out with Reagan.

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  2. It well and should be buddy! But this nation of sheep, seemingly STILL pledge their allegiance to both corrupted, POS parties and really don’t care. They just keep pointing the finger at the “other” party, flapping their ignorant gums about NON-issues that deflect from the very real and serious issues we face. I have maintained for over 12 years now that the middle east is NOT our biggest threat and problem. All while the media, an arm of propaganda for the National Socialist government cranks out lies and deception on BOTH sides 24/7…

    Much of the middle east are archaic, stone-aged gangs, without standing armies and-or sophisticated weaponry. I always said and still do, that a nuclear armed China and Russia are the largest threat to the west. Yet the muppets would dismiss me, saying that China was committed to democracy and Russia was too weak! Now I just laugh at them, because the writing is on the wall. China wants to be numero uno and they will attempt and probably get there by hook or crook. And if that means using Russia to their advantage, they will do so. While Russia has eyes on Ruling much of Europe. It’s a volatile mix, that’s brewing up and set to boil over.

    This nations governments for FAR too long has created false wars, killed millions under the guise of the false wars. They have encroached on other nations without real cause. They are arrogant, smug and the bully of the world. The U.S. used to be a decent nation, one that was a shining example of fairness and freedom. Sadly, that is no longer the case.
    We live in a budding tyranny and police state.

    We have angered much of the world and will pay for that at some point. As the East rises and the West declines, the tide of power is and will change. A paradigm shift is coming and most muppets cannot grasp that or simply won’t. But it’s inevitable and when it comes, I’ll be first in to say to those muppets, I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO. 😉


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