“Deep Thoughts…” (by Not, Jack Handy)


1. In 2013, Rabobank was fined one BILLION  dollars for rigging LIBOR interest rates from 2005 to 2011.

2. Apparently there are a number of cyclists (and motorcyclists) who actually believe that an Apex is in ‘flux’ or NOT fixed…(ugh, the un-initiated can be so insufferable)

3. An ‘apex’ of a corner is fixed, Always. It is the highest point of a turn, period. A rider can enter a corner ‘early’ or ‘late’ but a rider cannot ‘apex’ early or late- period. This is not conjecture, it IS physics.

4. The mostly political-driven, anti doping attack narrative is basically a psychological witch-hunt, that utilizes variants of former Soviet, Third Reich and Stasi type propaganda-intimidation tactics.
(Yes, Virginia, there is a ministry of propaganda in sports)

5. Most all modern-era Chinese and Taiwanese carbon bike parts are well produced and reliable. (Sans the counterfeit models)

6. To date, I have amassed 23 cornering and-or technical descent Strava KOM’s. 15 of those taken in 2015.
(for the take-away see # 11)

7. From 2009 to 2011 Saxo Bank was caught money laundering. (No doubt they are probably still engaged in some type of fraudulent financial activity as well, as all big banks and insurance companies are)

8. The Causation of 99.99% of accidents and-or crashes are due to rider error, period.

9. The majority of bicycle helmets are nothing more than plastic cup covered Styrofoam… that fail to protect against rotational-force damage and high-G impacts. (though some newer models are addressing this issue)

10. obama’s secrete Drone program Murders Six Innocent people for only every ONE suspected terrorist target. (Wikileaks revealed the W.H. documents. But notice that the MSM has NOT said one fucking word about it)

11. I NEVER ride in the drops and I haven’t for the past 10 years. The ‘narrative’ –riding in the drops, lowers a riders CoM, is mostly false especially when using compact and ultra compact bars. (it lowers the CoM marginally and is nearly immeasurable). Though it does move the CoM forward.

12.  Former Giro d’Italia director Michele Acquarone was fired in 2013 from RSC media, for financial fraud. Relating to his part in stealing 13 million euros from the media company.

13. Wider bars and a longer stem will fractionally ‘slow’ your bikes turning time by increasing the length of the steering arc. Consequently, narrower bars and a shorter stem will fractionally ‘quicken’ your bikes turning time, by decreasing the length of the steering arc.

14. The ‘key’ to cornering or descending quickly, has very little or nothing to do with “balls” or bravado or riding in the drops…

15. The keys to cornering/descending quickly are; visual perception, spatial skills and knowing how to utilize counter steering. A crucial ability is to be able to perceive objects, then gauge objects at any given time-distance relation, within a riders field of vision.

16. American public schools do not teach our youth of the domestic terrorist attack in 1864. An attack against peaceful and mostly women and children of the American Indian Cheyenne Tribe in the Colorado Territory, infamously known as the Sand Creek Massacre.

17. MTN Communications company (AND cycling sponsor, of team MTN-Qhubeka) were recently fined 5.2 BILLION dollars by the Nigerian government for first ignoring then breaking federal law.

18. Cycling is rife with fraudulent financial corruption, like most all sports. Yet not nearly a peep from fan-boys, media and riders. Just as long as we get those ‘cheats’ who use peds… #hypocrisy #ignorance #immoral and #unethical behavior. Taking tainted money from a fraudulent company IS immoral and unethical and is a form of cheating.

19. “Fit” your own unique body to a bike by Feel, rather than solely by a book…a bike shop or someones ‘theory’

20. Break from the etiquette known as The Rules, as much as possible and whenever you can! Smile when you ride…at least once! Get out on a mountain bike, at least once! And most of all, enjoy the ride, fore it is short….

3 thoughts on ““Deep Thoughts…” (by Not, Jack Handy)

  1. We learned about Sand Creek in school.

    Second, I can understand and respect your desire to ride curves on your hoods but I would never do that. I don’t have compact drops and I don’t care what the physics say, even though they back up riding the drops. I feel more in control when I corner at speed… So sayeth the speedometer, the only stat that really matters here.
    I’d say it’s more about comfortability than physics.

    Only 97% of cycling accidents are rider error. The other 3% are cyclists being rear ended in the proper lane.

    I don’t follow or break the rules (even if I do have a lot of fun with them). Looking good makes me feel good. Feeling good puts a bigger smile on my face. I can’t understand all of the consternation with the rules. They’re meant as a guide and they’re almost all funny in some way.

    Great post man.

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    • Yeah, I hear ya Jim. If you’re comfortable in the drops..then that’s cool. What I mean is if you changed the way the way you rode, after a bit, you would probably be as fast in the hoods.

      What I meant to convey is that, you don’t have to or MUST ride in the drops when descending. I am faster through the corners in the hoods, because of the visual and spatial abilities I outlined. Not because of hand position.

      But again, whatever works for you…or any rider is the way to go. As long as you try alternative ways. As far as the 97%, I always take those stats with much skepticism.

      Most stats are skewed or incorrectly reported. So, hence the 99%. Let’s just say that the percentage is somewhere between 97% and 99%! lol.

      My kids or my cousins kids never had never heard of it until I mentioned it some years back. I guess it depends on the region of the country and the influence of politics.

      Which is sad. Our public school system is anything but uniform. Government failing us again…

      Yes, those rules are funny and silly. Some I can relate to, but in general…it’s best to go your own way! Funny how so many uptight roadies allow such nonsense dictate their lifestyle! To each his own I suppose…

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