There are Three types of main human thought:

The human condition just happens to be one of unpredictability and more times than not, hypocrisy- both knowingly and unknowingly. And the funny and frustrating part is that it’s usually not uniformly, not ‘logically applied to everything in life.

Sport is rife with corruption, in every aspect. Especially in those aspects most people don’t think about or give any consideration to.

Cycling for whatever reason, seems to be one of those sports that gets analyzed without much real logic. Most of the ‘critics’ or detractors or those who cry ‘foul’ utilize emotional thinking, rather than logical thinking.

Most fans cannot (or will not) separate professional sports, which is absolutely big dollar entertainment, from any other part of everyday life. Sports are no different than any other form of entertainment. Yet so many are unable to or are unwilling to realize that.

Cycling isn’t dishonest or immoral SIMPLY because of so-called ped use. Cycling and professional sports in general are mainly dishonest and immoral because of the funding, the corporate sources. As well as other uses or forms of ‘gaining an edge’ (cheating in fact)

Dirty money perviate’s so many pro and collegiate level sports, in so many ways. Yet seems to be an after-thought or not a thought at all to many followers. The sources of funding for nearly everything commercial is usually tainted or outright fraudulent in some shape or form. And in many eye’s, apparently does not tarnish the cause. Okay, I can respect that OPINION, but let’s apply that same tainted ‘logic’ across the board then…yes?

Cycling is funded by many fraudulent corporate sponsors using dirty or dark money, yet not a blink of a fucking eye. And if it is known, a  mere shrug of shoulders. WTF? Enter Emotional and Psychological thought, used in order to JUSTIFY immoral and-or unethical behavior. But why? Because not many people want to admit any wrong doing or being an enabler or not wanting to be brutally honest with THEMSELVES.

If we are to lambaste cycling for ‘ped’ use, then let’s LAMBASTE cycling for it’s dirty, immoral, unethical behavior in all aspects of the sport.

How come MTN and SAXO (and those are just the corrupted ones we know about) are not banned or suspended from the sport? Well, it’s a complex issue and involves nearly ALL of the sport, from the teams to management to the governing bodies.

So, banning teams and corporate money would probably be the end of pro cycling in its current state…so then that part of CHEATING in the sport is simply overlooked and thereby ‘accepted’ wholly and COMPLETELY. Ahh, the politics of sport, of big money….

What about the mechanical cheating then? Another area of thought where a massive amount of emotional and psychological thinking is utilized...”well, it’s not the same” is the same OLD, tired reply you get from the muppet mentality of the fan-boy…or girl! It’s simply hypocrisy, it’s a form of a psychosis in fact.

Let’s be clear here, accepting dirty money or cheating by mechanical means is the SAME as using a ped. Because it’s immoral and unethical, period. Justifying immoral behavior is a human trait. Okay, that’s understandable. But let’s stop pretending, looking the other way and lying to ourselves and everyone else who won’t face the facts, who won’t face the truth.

Truth is not a choice, it just is. It’s not something on a menu you can order up whenever you desire. “Good evening madame, sir. Will you be having the Truth Special tonight?” “No my good man, I think tonight we’re going to have whatever “fits” our narrative and that just happens to be anything devoid of truth. ” At least for now…Thank you.

So no matter how much society attempts to deflect, or ignore truth, the truth will always triumph, because in the end you cannot escape or hide from the truth. Despite those who think they can selectively apply the truth to whatever it is they happen to agree or disagree with. Let’s call a spade a spade… for fucks sakes.  ;-|


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