President Obama’s Gun Control Usurpation of Power… Fear Not My Friends!

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No doubt, this is our National Socialist government at work AND I don’t like WHO we are (or have become) either. I have been truly disgusted and massively disappointed with America for the last 15 or so years ( I suppose it could be longer…if I was older)

I just know that we have veered so far off course from the days of the founding fathers. And that my grandfather, a WWII vet who was awarded two bronze stars and the purple heart would be as disgusted. For me, it’s not about “Left” or “Right” – as I think they have BOTH become progressive corporatist-fascist ideologies utilizing variants of National Socialism to trample our rights and liberties.

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Trigger warning (heh):  This is a political post from the Conservative, reasonable perspective.  If you’re a rabid lefty, don’t read any further.  It’ll just piss you off because you need to follow the President’s advice and listen to Rush Limbaugh more often.  Writing ridiculous comments in an attempt insult or impress me with your mastery of DCCC talking points will not change my mind and if I don’t feel like bitch-slapping you with wit, I’ll just delete your dimwitted comment without a second thought.  This is the conclusion of this trigger (heh) warning… BEEEEEEEEEEEP.

I just realized something this morning… As the President announced yesterday that he was going to try to go around Congress and create some new rules that define who is a gun dealer with the hope that more people will have to register as firearms dealers to sell their pistol… First, see, they’re rules, not laws…

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One thought on “President Obama’s Gun Control Usurpation of Power… Fear Not My Friends!

  1. I can say, for certain, that I’m not as flummoxed as you are by the system (I’ll be worried when and if the government ever says it should take over the firearms industry) but I can definitely respect your position. All one needs do is look at Venezuela. The government couldn’t provide toilet paper but Chavez’s daughter is miraculously worth a cool Four Billion.

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