Cycling Hacks

Over the past 12 years I have either learned or discovered a handful of  cycling DIY/hacks that have saved time or money or both!

Some were explored and found out of necessity and-or some to save money…mainly because in general, I personally believe that the majority of cycling products are typically OVERPRICED.

I had mentioned this product before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Pure Silicone spray. It’s a semi ‘dry’ type lube, meaning it’s light and not long-lasting. Although silicone does have some water-resistant properties, it is not a heavy lubricant by any means. And it does not gunk or pick up a lot of debris. I use silicone spray on a myriad of surfaces at home, in the car, etc…

I use it on my inner tubes to keep them pliable and potentially keep the tubes from sticking to the inside of the tire walls. I also use it in between chain oiling’s, as it is a good, quick way to keep the drivetrain slippery and ‘free’.

I also use it at all the pivot points of the derailleurs, (very little though)
I spray it inside of the tire pump valve to keep the rubber gasket from drying out. Which also aids in removing the valve after you pump up the tyres.

And on the mtb, I use the silicone spray on the fork stanchions to keep the seals lubricated and prevent them from drying out. (Always make sure the stanchions are CLEAN before doing this though) I should mention that some silicone spray is mixed with petroleum, which is NOT what you want. Make sure what you buy is 100% silicone!

My favorite brand/type is:
1. CRC HD Silicone Spray

Being the cheapskate that I am, :-p one day I ran out of chamois cream. So, I figured there must be something I could use in a pinch. Voilà! Baby diaper rash cream (not paste)… A tube of a generic brand at the pharmacy…about $3 to 4 bucks!
2. Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Carbon Fibre polish/wax is awfully expensive imo…so my solution is:
3. Furniture spray polish (any generic or brand will do)

Need to increase the cushion of the handlebars? Why spend the money for extra bar tape at $15-20 bucks a pop or more, when you can use a cheaper alternative! This product at about $6-7 bucks a roll does a great job as a base layer under your bar tape. One roll is enough for a typical handlebar.
4. Self-fusing silicone tape
( or (

Feeling a bit sluggish sometimes pre-ride? Maybe halfway through a long ride? Well a cup of espresso or Joe is a quick pick-me up…and usually gives you that little boost you need, right? Absolutely. But sometimes, (especially in hot weather) you just don’t want a hot coffee. Okay, you can buy iced…but how about an easy AND cheaper alternative to the espresso/coffee drink?

5. Caffeine tablets
(now there are many different brands, so shop around) I usually find 100 tablets in the 200mg strength for around $7-8 bucks which works out to about 11-12 cents for a *cup* of coffee! The average 8oz cup of coffee has anywhere from 100mg to 200mg’s of caffeine, while an espresso is around 70mg’s per 1oz.

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