Cyclosportive Endurance Rides (circuit cycling)

It would be GREAT if these types of Sportives caught on here…we always seem to be a day late and dollar short when it comes to sport in the US. Europe has our asses kicked in cycling, moto, and auto sports.

Vélo Enduro Cyclosportives

The first  primary objective of this site is to engage and illuminate to those would-be riders who may have interest in riding what are known as, Cyclosportives. I’m sure that many are familiar with the Gran Fondo cyclosportives in North America which have become widely popular among the cycling community.

Though there are other types of cyclosportives, mainly in Europe, that slightly differ from the typical Gran Fondo. One of which are 12 and 24 hour team endurance types of cyclosportive. These unique and exciting endurance events offer fun and challenges for all levels of fitness and experienced riders! One of the best features of these types of sportives, is that the events take place on closed-course racing circuits, which provides a level of safety unlike that of the open roads.

The flow of riding is one direction and there are no autos, no traffic lights, no road furniture…

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