Another brilliant video by Signor Brumotti! Tutti Brumotti!

Which leads me into yet another rant… anyone happen to catch the Red hook highlights from Brooklyn? Oh there was some good racing as always with Red hook
but there also massive pileups in both the men’s and women’s races… which is easily explained: POOR bike handling skills. Period. Now I’m not saying a rider needs to be like Brumotti, MacAskill or Ashton (was) to be a good racer, BUT, a rider does NEED to have good bike handling skills.

Unfortunately, the majority of racers don’t have the required skills. Why? Well from what I can surmise, it is something not given a lot of thought or attention to. Both for the seasoned vet and the newbie. The focus is always on getting faster or gaining more endurance, which is great, which is fine. But becoming fit and really fit it should be secondary to acquiring good bike handling skills first and foremost. Handling a bike is the crux of riding. Without good handling skills, a rider will not have proper avoidance skills nor be safe in a group, etc. etc. Want to improve your road bike skills? Ride a mountain bike or a cross bike to help with getting a ‘feel’ for a bike moving around and finding its limits of traction.

Vision. Body position. Steering. Awareness. These are some of the critical sub-skills that make up most of what is referred to as bike handling abilities. Visual Perception, with the ability to (ARR) Anticipate, Recognize and React to any and all situations is something every single rider and racer should be working on. It should NOT be an afterthought. Sadly, for many it is. That is why it is crucial to practice and understand what makes for a”good” bike rider. It’s not just power and speed. It is ‘feel’ it is awareness and it is deliberate action for avoidance or maneuvering.

Okay rant over…for now! 😀

3 thoughts on “BRUMOTTI IN MANILA

  1. With our group there is a HUGE focus on handling. The guys brought me up well and I try to do the same for others. Your rant is right on the money, though fitness and fast are also important. With our group, you can be the best bike handler in the state but it’ll do you no good if you can’t tow the line. Great post, man… and that dude is nuts!

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    • I tell you Jim, I wish lived out by you and the great group you ride with. Yours is not too common and I think it is awesome and critical you all teach and preach the core skills! Yeah, no doubt Brumotti is a nutter! But man can he wheel a bike…

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