Booker On The RPSB & WWF

Christopher Booker telling it like it is…as usual!


By Paul Homewood


Booker on the RSPB and WWF:

It is intriguing to contrast the current agendas of some of our more celebrated environmental charities with the aims of those who first set them up. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), for instance, originated in 1889 with some Victorian ladies wanting “to discourage the wanton destruction of birds” – which for decades was what the RSPB very laudably did.

Yet its latest publication – a report headed “The RSPB’s 2050 Energy Vision” – says little about birds. Not only does it call for Britain’s target for cutting CO2 emissions to be raised from an improbable 80 per cent to an impossible 100 per cent, it also says “our research shows the UK could have six times the current level of onshore wind turbines”. Since we already have 5,500 of them, the RSPB would thus be happy…

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