Bread and Circuses


While I agree with the decision of the ASO and UCI to take the times from 1k to go…Chris Froome broke the rules. He committed an infraction and should be penalized, period. Inconsistencies, special favors and bribery are the reason the UCI is one of the most corrupted enterprises in sport, right next to FIFA.  Froome ran WITHOUT his machine and the time he ran is the time he should LOSE from the 1k point. #BullShit #BanTheUci

Opinion piece-

When we look back on the #TdF2016 we will easily see that Froome won the Tour on stage 8, nearly the same as last year when he won on stage 7. Of course there will be many who will deny the stage 8 statement, that is until the peloton is on the ChampsÉlysées

The 2016 edition was supposed to provide a royal battle between the big GC contenders…so it was said. When I looked at the route, I really thought that it was going to be a massive battle in the Pyrenees and Alps. I was telling my fellow Tour fanatics that the mountain stages and the hairball descents were set to make for a great Le Tour!

So much for paper predictions eh?

So far most if not ALL of the fireworks have been provided by Sagan, Cav and Froome (Not a fan by the way of the South African or Sky- yeah, that’s right, Froome is NOT British, you just don’t change passports and BECOME something else. UFB) But big props to Sky management and Froome for taking the proverbial bull by the horns and wringing its fucking neck. By stark contrast to the lethargic and apathetic BMC and Movistar.



I contend that if nothing changes after stage 12 today, (attacks by BMC, Movistar, etc or a crash, mechanical or illness to Froome) BOTH Movistar and BMC management should be fired by the sponsors. These are seasoned veterans, former knowledgeable, savvy riders who have been sitting in their team cars with their thumbs up their asses watching Sky and Froome just play with the peloton.

It’s as if this is BMC’s and Movistar’s FIRST Tour de France! Are you fucking kidding me?  Unlike some other outside shots at the podium or even the win (though it’s a long, long shot)  who have been riding their guts out day in day out. Huge shout out to Adam Yates and Orica, Etixx and Dan Martin for trying! At least Etixx are making a serious attempt to get on the GC podium, rather than just half-heartedly cruising to maybe a second or third placing basically by way of default. Rolling eyes… (cough, cough wink, wink – BMC and Movistar)

To say that BMC and Movistar have been NOTHING but a massively and huge DISAPPOINTMENT so far is the understatement of the 2016 cycling season. It’s simply inexcusable and unacceptable from so-called professionals. Utterly disgusting performances on the climbing stages. Hey, I hope I am wrong come stage 12 through 20, but I just don’t see anything changing dramatically.


I’m not hopeful of any big changes for stages 12 through 20, but perhaps Nairo or TJ will grow a set of stones at some point, take off the skirts and wake the F up! It’s as if they are in a slumberous state, stumbling around the roads of France. That goes for their management as well. At least TRY to get some results and go for it. Better to give it your all, ride until you puke, try and fail than sit in like a bunch of scared school girls. For fucks sakes, it’s the Le Tour de France, it’s Le Tour!

#tourdefrance #viveletour #tdf2016

4 thoughts on “Bread and Circuses

  1. Farce today but in my mind correct decision was made, can people not ride motorcycles 🙂 and agreed Froome is not English unlike sir Brad

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    • Yeah, farce and chaos for sure Russ! In fairness I don’t know if it was solely the motorbike pilots fault. I think there should have been barriers from at least the 1k marker, if not 3k to go. To many people down in the finish area, a result of chopping off the last 6km. Lessons learned hopefully.


  2. Story is its the crowd as you mentioned, I like Froome mainly as he’s just awesome infact they all are 🙂 his dads English but does that count ?? I guess if you want funding and cash it does keyna hardly has that !! A bit like the fake Brit runners from your side #moneytalks

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    • Yes, the crowd was insane, closing basically down the road and the motorbike had nowhere to go. Where were the barriers! ASO dropped the ball

      No doubt, exactly like the runners here. Money talks…or corrupts, take your pick! 😉

      I just don’t like froome or sky, but they are brilliant for sure. Tactically untouched. Performance wise they also have the edge.


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