The scumbaggery of professional sports

Phil Liggett; (sic) “the peloton hasn’t had a Patrón, since the days of Hinault…”

LMFAO Phil. You mean a guy who was systemically DOPING? Like Armstrong, like ALL the rest of the top contenders were? What a senile DOUCHEBAG. Oh and by the way, if any fanboys think the top contenders are NOT taking something, I feel sorry for your gullibility…

Pro cycling, like football, like baseball, like basketball, like track & field, are corrupted and hypocritical, yet there are so many who think and believe otherwise. Silly rabbits…

We have corrupted sanctioning bodies, corrupted sponsors providing DIRTY money (ah em, Dimension Data (oh, yeah, hey let’s change our name from MTN (a massively criminal company) so as not too attract too much attention from the media and fans…

Dirty bankster funding (Saxo) and yet the moronic commentators and most fans think pro cycling is some kind of noble sport! HA! Too fucking funny. 😀

I love the Tour, the Giro and the Vuelta and some other races for their entertainment value. The scenery, the historic value. But NOT because I think these guys are racing clean or don’t have corrupted, criminal sponsors backing them. I’m not ignorant nor starry-eyed.

I’m here to tell you, open the eyes, call a spade a spade… yes, we can love it, but for what it is; Pure entertainment, yes, with skill and hard work make for a tremendous SHOW.

#juicethefroome #hypocrisy #corruption #banksters #bantheuci #legalizepeds

4 thoughts on “The scumbaggery of professional sports

  1. Exactly, all using something. And don’t get me wrong I’m not against it. It is virtually impossible to contend a three-week marathon wrecking the human body from within without some sort of supplemental support. It defies science if people think that these riders can ride nearly 2,200 miles at such a pace with all the climbing on nothing but training, fruits, protein vegetables and some other types food. It’s utter fucking nononsense. 😉


    • #statism (more appropriately, the statist mind-set) is a mental affliction… I believe there is a six-step program for that…
      but sadly, the cure rate is very low. :-\


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