Bicycles, Banksters and Shills…

While I have stated many times here before, cycling like ALL major sports are corrupted. BUT, not like many traditionally think. Not corrupted because of ped use or ex-cons and felons playing ball for millions… but rather the FINANCING of these teams and players.

Cycling if rife with corruption. many high-level and mid-level teams are funded by some of the most fraudulent, criminal corporations in the world. But not a peep… I guess most sport fans, like politico muppets, have a different set of morals and ethics when it comes to a favorite sport….

But now it’s come to bike company(s) shilling for the Bankster Cartel. Enter Jamis.
A new TV spot featuring Jamis Bicycles touting their relationship with one of the big Commercial-Corporatist Investment banks. M&T. It’s bad enough that most every company has to get their financing from these criminal enterprises, but then to go on and cheerlead for immorality and unethical behavior of the Bankster Cartel is a real shame. It’s sad and nothing but greedy shareholders putting money over morals each and every time.

The opening is a heart-tugger… the reflective, heart-felt music to lull the muppet in…the women, the daughter of the founder speaks in a soft, reflective voice reminiscing about her beloved dad…it’s all DESIGNED to sucker punch the muppet! BAM, POW! A 1-2 combo that hits right at the heart and it’s a K-O if there was… (Like WC said… one born every minute)

Of course the average muppet will decry; It’s Capitalism! What do you expect! Well, no, Fozzie, actually, what banksters do is NOT capitalism in any shape or form. It’s Corporatism. It’s National Socialistic policies and behavior. But most do not grasp this or want to for that matter. And then of course, you have a contingent of ignoramuses who are just too stupid to comprehend it. M&T took $700 million of TARP money in 2008, like most every other IRRESPONSIBLE, IMMORAL and UNETHICAL bank in the U.S. and around the globe. Yes, they paid it back, albeit one of the slowest and latest to repay TAXPAYER money back to the criminal, corrupted U.S. government and its corrupted Treasury dept.

The “bailout” was nothing more than a kick in the balls of what the true free market stands (or more appropriately did stand for) It accomplished absolutely nothing to help stop the losses of million jobs, it did nothing to prevent the loss of Americans’ personal incomes/pensions and nothing to slow or halt the market losses felt by those people who didn’t receive the  luxurious “Too Big To Fail” coddling. The ‘financial crisis’ and TBTF has cost tax payers nearly 120 Billion in losses. Only you won’t hear that from the criminal enterprise that is our government, you’ll hear 50-60 Billion.

If you would like more info on the largest public-private government scam on tax payers and citizens, that was the ‘bailout’ read here

Bottom line is, money rules everything, it beats morals and ethics like a red-headed step child. But no one say’s a word about it. Especially the so-called religious types, who fly their flag on a supposed moral compass- of course it is a selective compass… but hey, glass house and all that nonsense I suppose… the point is, our pseudo corporate culture has lost most if not all of its ethics, morals and independence to, well, major corporations. It’s not only the products people buy, it’s the way most people think, the way they are conditioned to think and feel. Through media, marketing and subliminal targeting.

The independent spirit, the virtuousness and the pioneering spirit of a once great nation is almost completely gone and soon it will be. As we grow from a soft budding Police State into a hard Corporatist-Fascist State. Drones, 24/7 surveillance, appliances that will have built in connectivity and ‘talk’ to the internet (whether you like it, or approve it or not), autonomous cars with tracking, (don’t forget that mobile phones are already tracked 24/7)   Smart TV’s that listen and watch in on the viewer etc, etc. The very idea of actually privacy will all be but a memory. And who may ask is driving this? Well government for sure, but who is (partially) funding it? Who PROFITS from it? Mega-Corporations- that’s who. Military Defense Contractors, Corporate Prison Owners, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street.

Yet…not a peep from the Muppet Show that is America and the West.

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