4 thoughts on “The new American Century (The great LIES of history)

  1. Dude, generally speaking I respect you and think you’re an alright guy. Maybe a bit farther out there than me, but I figure that’s okay too.

    So when I write this, know it’s not personal to you. The people who made that video, the one you embedded in your post (I think it’s loose change), is guilty of putting the greatest lie in American history to video. Every supposed “fact” they use, right down to “bin Laden not taking responsibility” is completely and simply debunkable. I quit watching shortly thereafter. If you’re willing to believe the laughable lies in the video you embedded, you’re simply incapable of rational discussion on the matter. It’s as simple as that.

    Sorry bro, but that video IS the greatest lie in history.

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  2. I respect your opinion Jim, but sorry, I do believe it and I do stand by it.
    Far too long I used to think that government was not as nefarious or subversive as some claimed, but I have awoken to the evils that they commit. I too used to support both parties at different times in my life. No longer do I. This enterprise has destroyed and continue to destroy liberty and freedom through economic and financial means. Illegal wars, massive market manipulations and media propaganda.

    I do not believe anything from the government the military or the media any longer. And real change will only come when the masses acknowledge the truth. Truth is brutal. It requires us to accept our flaws, weaknesses and our preconceived notions. I think you know this better than most. We have been conditioned our entire lives to believe in a system that supposedly is on our side. That champions freedom and liberty, but the cold hard truth is, it does not. Or , it no longer does. For most of my life I refused to accept these things, I would not be swayed or convinced that my country was engaged in murderous behavior simply for profit. Like I said, I have awoken. I’m not the one to change you or anyone else, it has to come from each individual, on their own.


  3. if you didn’t like that one, you won’t like the next one! 🙂
    It’s a Doco called the Deep State.


  4. I did want to say, in fairness to you. I am always open to criticize any work or claims. if you can point me towards or provide any third-party independent data about Bin Laden and other topics in the documentary I would like that. Objective, no party affiliation, Non corporate media, non governmental or (non gov contractor) data would be great to review.


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