Climate Change? Global Warming? How about fraud…

This ONE is for the fraudulent Climate Alarmists and Leftist progressives…(yes, Leftist because the Global Warming narrative is one that stems from mainly a progressive Left ideology)

(This enlightening, factual and credible report is especially posted for a couple of radical CG/GW wordpress bloggers…  Pay particular attention to minute 11:28 -sic “it’s NOT science, it’s POLITICS. As I have maintained for many years to the Climate Statists… CG/GW is mostly a politicized issue. It has little to do with actual climate change- at the moment.

Hopefully, as a species we can come to some type of sane, common sense agreement on conservation and seeking alternative means of energy in the future. Without being Radical, Extremists with little to no tolerance for common sense views. The CG/GW extremists in reality, possess nearly the same ideology as any hard-line radical Communist/Fascist type beliefs. Unwavering in their psychosis and denial of reality. I personally believe in resource conservation and it begins at home. But I also believe in things that make sense. Here at the Roads of Revelation… zealots and radicals need not apply.  ; – )

Possible Federal Charges Against Anthony Weiner

In the ongoing story of what will be the largest child-trafficking, pedophilia ring in modern history… David Seaman reveals the next step in the probe.

Piece by piece, the horrific, disgusting story will come to light. Although I suspect that Weiner will be murdered by the Clinton-CIA machine before he sings… he will be murder victim 201? I believe.


Many have tried to denounce or dismiss pizza gate as fake news, but it simply is not. Now my question is; why. Why would these hollywood, media and bankster types want to dismiss it? Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out… there are only maybe 3 plausible reasons why ANYONE would defend or dismiss pedophilia. Either these protesters are pedophiles, they were victims of pedophiles (think Stockholm syndrome) or they are just apathetic (but sick) sympathizers of pedophiles.