Possible Federal Charges Against Anthony Weiner

In the ongoing story of what will be the largest child-trafficking, pedophilia ring in modern history… David Seaman reveals the next step in the probe.

Piece by piece, the horrific, disgusting story will come to light. Although I suspect that Weiner will be murdered by the Clinton-CIA machine before he sings… he will be murder victim 201? I believe.


Many have tried to denounce or dismiss pizza gate as fake news, but it simply is not. Now my question is; why. Why would these hollywood, media and bankster types want to dismiss it? Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out… there are only maybe 3 plausible reasons why ANYONE would defend or dismiss pedophilia. Either these protesters are pedophiles, they were victims of pedophiles (think Stockholm syndrome) or they are just apathetic (but sick) sympathizers of pedophiles.

6 thoughts on “Possible Federal Charges Against Anthony Weiner

  1. You forgot a fourth: You’re mistaken and most everyone else in the country either knows this or is too ignorant to care.

    Bringing down politicians, even liberal politicians anymore, has become a sport (and a welcome one at that). Weiner is cooked either way.

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    • I really hope that is not case Jim. Do you really think most don’t care about child trafficking and pedophilia? Man, that is a scary thought indeed.

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      • I think you misread what I wrote (or I wasn’t clear enough). Most people don’t pay attention to politics the way you and I do, that’s the ignorance.

        The main point I was making is that Carlos Danger is in DEEP trouble and they’re going to roast him for the sport of it, and rightfully so!

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      • Ahhhh, I see now. Yes, good point. I believe he will be roasted and agreed, deservedly. I just hope there will be many more high-profile persons that will be rounded up…

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