Hang in there bro!

Quick clip of the soon-to-be famous crash that occurred during the sprint finish of the
Cat 3 Santa Barbara Road Race. The rider in question made a great save to avoid falling 30 feet off the bridge, down to a creek bed below! Disaster avoided… Can you say “lucky boy” 😀


Biking with Seth

Here’s a quick video of one of my favorite youtube channels…Seth’s Bike Hacks
a 5 minute clip on some practical tips & tricks…that’s right, tips & tricks- NOT ‘hacks’  lol

(back in my day sonny, a hack was someone who sucked. Someone who was bad at something. “Oh man, that guy was a hack on the axe dude..he couldn’t even play half of eruption!” So tips & tricks it is lads and lasses!

Global Warming Zealots, brace yourselves…. #lmao

Another brill post by the ever keen Mr Christopher Booker mates.


” –China and India formally notified the UN that, to keep their economies growing, they intend between them to build more than 800 new coal-fired power stations; and that by 2030 – as already the world’s first and third largest emitters of CO2 – they plan to double and treble those emissions. Even by the BBC’s standards, as one expert observer put it, this farrago of “deluded groupthink was stunning”.