The Shenandoah & Blue Ridge Corporation Crash of 1929 (aka Goldman Sachs Fraud)

Who knew? Well apparently some folks did, going back to a book published in 1976 by John Galbraith, titled The Great Crash 1929

The corruption and criminal behavior at Goldman have contributed in nearly ever economic crash, downturn and financial scandal since the nations inception. and yet these criminals have not once served a day in prison. Have not ONCE be held accountable.

To this very day Goldman are controlling parts of the rogue cia and nsa, starting and perpetuating wars by proxy. Enslaving the global masses through economic and financial terrorism- and it all goes unpunished. Why? Because they OWN the prostituted politicians. The absolute nefarious and subversive enterprise-  Goldman Sachs should be dismantled, their board jailed and those at the very top hanged for their crimes.


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