Deutsche Ingenieurskunst… (or the Canyon Concept)

Even though this is from the London Bike Show in 2014, it is still relevant and what I predict will eventually be the future of most all road bikes. Can I get a whoo hoo!
Full suspension… likes me the sound of that!


Canyon shows off a full suspension, cloud-connected road bike and it’s sporting some amazing tech…

“It’s a full suspension platform. Obviously, we’re not talking about masses of travel but there’s a carbon leaf spring at each end; Canyon already use that tech in their VCLS seatpost. The really clever bit is the bearing that acts as the pivot of both front and rear suspension.”

“Filled with a special fluid that changes viscosity when it’s subjected to a magnetic field, so the damping of the suspension can be altered electronically, all the way up to a full lockout. It’s called a magneto-rheological fluid, if you’re into that kind of thing. Canyon aren’t the first to think about using the technology: Fox have been playing about with it on their mountain bike suspension for a couple of years.”

Full article here

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