Execution by Firing Squad: The Militarized Police State Opens Fire – See more at: http://rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/execution_by_firing_squad_the_militarized_police_state_opens_fire#sthash.SQPlo1o7.dpuf

And yet, the accomplices (and guilty) sheeple continue to support either of the two-party criminals in this nation. The government and its actors/agents are a corrupted, criminal enterprise. The entire government population needs to be put on a tribunal.

Most should be imprisoned and the top of the tyranny hanged for their crimes. But nothing will change…as the weak-minded and naive continue to cheerlead for ‘their’ political party..left or right, the policies of tyranny are no different.

Battlefield America - A Government of Wolves

“It is often the case that police shootings, incidents where law enforcement officers pull the trigger on civilians, are left out of the conversation on gun violence. But a police officer shooting a civilian counts as gun violence. Every time an officer uses a gun against an innocent or an unarmed person contributes to the culture of gun violence in this country.”—Journalist Celisa Calacal

Legally owning a gun in America could get you killed by a government agent.

While it still technically remains legal to own a firearm in America, possessing one can now get you pulled over, searched, arrested, subjected to all manner of surveillance, treated as a suspect without ever having committed a crime, shot at and killed.

This same rule does not apply to government agents, however, who are armed to the hilt and rarely given more than a slap on the…

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Expert Discussion on Frame Stiffness

“According to Heine, planing isn’t just a theory; he’s actually measured its positive effects with dramatic results in a specifically crafted, double-blind test. Almost without fail, riders in his trial were faster on a more flexible bike, and slower on a stiffer one.”

Off The Beaten Path

“I no longer believe that the ultimate rigidity defines the ultimate bike!” That revolutionary statement came from Damon Rinard, Road Engineering Manager at Cannondale, in a recent Cyclingtips.com podcast on frame stiffness and “planing”.

For many decades, stiffer frames were thought to perform better. Frame flex was equated with wasted energy. And yet there were some who had doubts about this. I recall Peter Weigle telling me many years ago, when I complained about a test bike that just didn’t seem to perform: “Perhaps it’s too stiff for you?”

Back then, the idea that frame stiffness could negatively affect performance seemed far-fetched, but the more we researched it, the more we found that some frames performed better than others. And for us, more flexible frames – as long as the flex was in the right places – performed better. We coined a term for this: “Planing” took the image of…

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Sì, Pirelli è la migliore! All Hail PZero…

Had to update this with my input after reading the most unintelligent, ignorant, moronic comments I have read regarding tires on Road CC’s comment section from the typical spandex wearing blithering clueless idiot crowd.

More than a few of these morons actually believe Pirelli is not going to be able to produce good performing tyres. One particular jackass states how can Pirelli compete with the likes of Michelin and Continental! They make motorcycle tires how would they know ANYTHING about cycling tires! I had to laugh out loud at his massive ignorance. Can you imagine how stupid, literally stupid this insipid dolt is? And like-minded people who actually think like this?  Holy shite mates… the world is really full of stupid people.

I’ve been wondering and waiting for years now, decades actually, for when one of the best tyre manufactures in the world would delve into the bicycle market… finally, motorsport and performance tyre giant, Pirelli has joined the fray…

Due out in August, I cannot wait to test a pair of the PZero’s! Pirelli, bravissimo mio amicio’s!






Tyre and Suspension Basics

Though titled, “MotoGP Basics Tyre & Front Suspension” this video is a very good dynamic explanation of both the vertical (gravity) and lateral (radial or centripetal) forces acting against tyres and wheels. These same forces (albeit much less in N)
which are acting upon a bicycle as well.

When lateral force is greater than vertical force…(usually the front) wheel go buh bye… 😛  Referred to as a wash out or a low side. Your bicycle is a rolling physics lab, it is an amazing piece of machinery. Efficient and relatively simple, yet the complexity of applied forces in action are astounding.

Another part of the video explains the action of the front fork suspension on a motorcycle, which is the exact same action as a mtb bike fork. And btw… I know ‘Air’ is the hot ticket right now in mtb suspensions, but the best forks in the world (GP/SBK) are utilizing oil and springs, so that should tell you something…

The TT… (Quick highlight of a near-miss)

Without a doubt, without a real solid argument, the Isle of Man TT is the most challenging, unforgiving and dangerous sporting event in the world.

Billed as the Greatest Road Race on earth… time and time again it delivers its unrelenting beauty, brutal harshness, absolute glory and often painful sorrow…

Aye, the Isle of Man…a green emerald jewel she be, set amongst the Irish Sea…

Here’s a quick clip of James Hillier’s near get off and save out of Ballagary or as the locals say… Balla-Scary! . A heart in the throat moment if there ever be laddy!

Live it. Breath it. Love it.    Long Live The TT!

Blunt Force Trauma

Maybe it’s familiar and maybe not. That sickening deep and loud thud which occurs in an instant. An unmistakable sensation of a blunt force impacting you, sending the signals of immediate pain to the brain and the body’s nerve endings in mere nanoseconds.

2017-05-29 19.11.38
Day one after the accident


The pain that leaves you writhing on the ground, wondering what the hell just happened. Pain that renders you feeble, helpless in that very moment.

2017-05-30 19.13.37-2Right hip/thigh – day two

2017-05-30 19.05.52Left arm – day two

20170530_190454Left side of abdomen – day two

So, these images are the result of a 4000lb or so SUV punting a 160 lb rider on a 15lb bicycle… I was lucky, because the hit came from the left side. Not head on. I never did see the vehicle turn in to me, but I sure felt it. The women driver claims she never spotted me until my body was flying through the air. Nice. 😦

She pulled right into the bike lane, right in to me. Thankfully, nothing was broken, no head injury, nothing super serious. Just a lot of soft tissue damage, pulled muscles and ligaments. These things are bound to happen, given the lack of driver awareness and education of pedestrians and cyclists. A 3 foot or 4 foot law is useless, bike lanes are useless, because in the end if drivers are not aware an d/or not severely punished for these types of incidents, then nothing will really change.

Hopefully I’ll be good to go in a few weeks and put this behind me. I’m getting too old for this nonsense! 😛

On a side note, after I regained my senses about 20 minutes later, I pedaled onward and finished my ride. (probably not the smartest thing to I did)

A small reward was nabbing 7th overall on a double hairpin segment. First time down and only 3 seconds off the KOM. Fastest time in 2017 sop far… The hydraulic discs on the rent-a-bike were an amazing piece of engineering and equipment. Had I known the terrain better, were able to pick my lines a bit more precise, I’m confident I could have challenged for the top spot. When I get back to Colorado Springs…it’s on me list lads and lasses!