The TT… (Quick highlight of a near-miss)

Without a doubt, without a real solid argument, the Isle of Man TT is the most challenging, unforgiving and dangerous sporting event in the world.

Billed as the Greatest Road Race on earth… time and time again it delivers its unrelenting beauty, brutal harshness, absolute glory and often painful sorrow…

Aye, the Isle of Man…a green emerald jewel she be, set amongst the Irish Sea…

Here’s a quick clip of James Hillier’s near get off and save out of Ballagary or as the locals say… Balla-Scary! . A heart in the throat moment if there ever be laddy!

Live it. Breath it. Love it.    Long Live The TT!

4 thoughts on “The TT… (Quick highlight of a near-miss)

    • Definitely was Jim! I watched it Sat night when Velocity showed the Senior TT. I thought at that instant, he was going down…but amazingly the bike stayed upright! Close call for Hillier for sure!

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  1. Oh man,I love it too buddy! I get chills watching the onboard footage… the speeds are incredible, I marvel at the skill level required and just the sheer commitment is mind blowing!
    It’s on me bucket list to get there and spectate one of these days!


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