Sì, Pirelli è la migliore! All Hail PZero…

Had to update this with my input after reading the most unintelligent, ignorant, moronic comments I have read regarding tires on Road CC’s comment section from the typical spandex wearing blithering clueless idiot crowd.

More than a few of these morons actually believe Pirelli is not going to be able to produce good performing tyres. One particular jackass states how can Pirelli compete with the likes of Michelin and Continental! They make motorcycle tires how would they know ANYTHING about cycling tires! I had to laugh out loud at his massive ignorance. Can you imagine how stupid, literally stupid this insipid dolt is? And like-minded people who actually think like this?  Holy shite mates… the world is really full of stupid people.

I’ve been wondering and waiting for years now, decades actually, for when one of the best tyre manufactures in the world would delve into the bicycle market… finally, motorsport and performance tyre giant, Pirelli has joined the fray…

Due out in August, I cannot wait to test a pair of the PZero’s! Pirelli, bravissimo mio amicio’s!






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