Road Bike Suspension…

Another (road bike) convert in the evolution of Suspension!

Wilier have introduced a new version of the Cento, called the 10DNR.  Three years in the making, with extensive testing and development has produced a rear suspended road machine that is more suited for long-er rides over rough roads.

But the (sad) reality is that most roads are becoming rougher and rougher as our infrastructure crumbles. North American roads will not be improving anytime soon, thanks to one of the most corrupted and criminal governments in the world. The same goes for most Euro nations as well, with the odd exception here and there. (namely Switzerland and Germany) but they too will eventually suffer from the unavoidable destruction from the emanate global warfare.

So, the evolution of suspension bikes will be a reality for almost all brands. Not that this (bad roads, etc) is/will be the main reason for the advance, but it will make for some excellent handling and comfortable road bikes. Obviously, the move is a marketing one first and foremost, but also a performance one as well.

Wilier describes the  dampening mechanism as “Actiflex Suspension System” which pairs a small rocker arm with a “technopolymer” insert to offer up to 3mm of rear wheel travel. According to Wilier, the Actiflex system controls both compression and rebound of the 3mm travel, in order to keep the suspension consistent. The bikes are due to arrive in the states in September of 2017… Whoo hoo!


So, to my knowledge at this point, this makes three road bikes now with some type of rear dampening system. The other two being the K8S from Pinarello and the Calfee Manta. There is also a road bike with front ‘suspension’, the Specialized Roubaix


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