Gary Null and James Corbett podcast

Two of the very best researchers and fact-based journalists in the world discuss the nefarious and subversive US government and its federal reserve ponzi scheme.

Two of the best in alternative news and information in a world full of propagandist lies and deception coming from ALL corporate-bankster owned medias. Reject the statist central power and allow yourself to awaken to the truth. Not your conditioned perception of a truth, shaped by lies and deceit. But rather the truth for what it is. Based on science and factual occurrences.

Wikileaks… the last bastion of truth

So it seems our our illustrious, piece of shit, cocksucking, scumbag, corrupted, murderous criminal government is trying its best to take Wikileaks down.

Thank goodness (or god if your religious…) for Whistleblowers! Thanks to these brave, courageous individuals, we are being exposed to the TRUTH of the heinous actions of our government, its actors and agents. How anyone could watch, listen, read any main stream news is beyond comprehension. They lie, deceive and publish propaganda for their masters.

With over 1100 cia operatives planted in ALL media, we now know (thank you Gary Null) that nothing gets printed, stated or published without the approval of the murderous scumbag agency known as the cia.

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