Juiced! (Yes, Virginia everyone’s doing it…)

Another Spot On commentary from durianrider

Loved and hated, Harley speaks from the hip and experience. I’ve known that most ALL pro athletes use some type of supplement. Of course those with millions in sponsor budget get away with cheating ‘legally’ such as Team Sky.ย  Money begets corruption, it is black and white. It seems that only fan-boy/girl muppets and wannabes seem to live in fantasy land and deny the fact that their favorite false idol is CLEAN! LMFAO. It’s a psychosis really, it permeates religion, politics and life in general. Sport is not immune to this phenomena. Fancy Bear and Wikileaks are some of the last bastions of truth and fact finding journalism. yet, often viewed as conspiracy or fake news.

I’ll just add to Harley’s description of pro sport, in addition to being a enterprise of making money (not for the athletes so much, but rather for the owners, sponsors and TV) pro sport is purely entertainment. It’s not real in the sense of pure competition. Again, only those naive and seemingly willfully ignorant seem to think that pro sport is a reality…in that sense. Yes, it is real, in that people participate, try hard, maybe not so hard in certain circumstances, but as far as pure competition, without any help from external sources, no.

10 thoughts on “Juiced! (Yes, Virginia everyone’s doing it…)

  1. He can be for sure Buddy. But I appreciate his candor, his unbridled ‘fuck you’ attitude. He upsets the status quo and I really like that aspect of his commentary and POV. Too many people go along with the popular narratives, too many agree for agreements sake. Not many speak out and call it like they really see it. These cycling sites, magazines, commentators on TV are all FOS imo, because they cannot or will not speak their mind, whether that is due to sponsor obligations or they just don;t have the balls. I like the fact that he questions everything and everyone. Sure he pisses many off, he comes across as callus and perhaps shallow, but I see him as being real in the sense that he doesn’t seem to give much of a shit about others agreeing with him. He just offers up his views and accepts the positive and all the negative that comes with it.


  2. I was a fan of Harley and invested in his book a few years back, but he seems bitter to me. he spouts some S h I t, as for doping I don’t really care that much, as most aren’t these days. and if you need something then is it not real life a doc gives you a precscrition to help the healing. saddle sores could be a cover but I doubt it on 2017. I love Lance and his attitude but he took it too far as we found out in the end.

    Enjoy your cycling all and worry less about stuff that actually doesn’t matter ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Sorry mate, have to seriously disagree with you…Sky are doping to the gills. AND it’s a sophisticated program at that! One that has never been seen before… But it will be discovered, eventually. But you don’t dominate two grand tours without using some type of exotic supplements. Never has been done, never will. Doping in some form has been in place since the very beginning of sports. And will continue…as long as there are those who can fund exotic research and development. In Sky’s case, it’s the Murdoch empire. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Freedom of speech and all that ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your wrong as they might as well scrap pro cycling and make forget it forever.

        I’ll not let my son, take it up anyhow.


      • Well, ALL pro sports are rife with doping bud.

        Cycling is just an easy scapegoat. Because… t doesn’t rank very high up in the $$$ department. NO ticket money, very little TV revenue and merchandising. UNLIKE footi, F1 and other major stick and ball sports.

        Therefore, it has little power to make any trouble/influence in the global sports world. Globally in order of $ ranking: NFL, MLB, ELP, Bundesliga, La Liga, Seri A, NHL. Rugby leagues, pro Cycling isn’t even in the top 70. Hell even Japanese baseball ranks HIGHER! Cycling is NOWHERE globally in terms of revenue. Despite what most cycling fan-boys think… ASO as big as it is is a pimple on the ass of pro sports.

        This is why is takes the fall for ‘doping’ when in FACT all sports have rampant doping, some more than others. NFL for example, is massive. It is a haven of PEDs. Hey man, it is necessary to perform at the very highest level, when you’re talking about billions and trillions of dollars on the line… hence my remark; pro sports are NOT pure competition, they are ENTERTAINMENT only. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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