Photo-Op! the R002 in all of its glory…

After reading and viewing a post by fellow WP writer and cycling connoisseur bgddyjim I was inspired to post my own ‘dressed’ rig… decked out in matte black, accented mostly by red anodized bits.

2017-12-11 17.04.11

From the top down… red carbon headset spacer, red alum stem cap, red anodized bar ends, red anodized seatpost bolts, red anodized seatpost clamp. Red anodized brake pad housings, red alum cable ends, red anodized hubs, red anodized skewers, red alum pully/jockey wheel and red alum presta valve caps! The one non-red parts are the gold alum chainring bolts… (I do have a set of red  :-D)  #ocd

2017-12-11 17.08.33
The poor photo quality doesn’t do the bike justice! Bad lighting… perspective and cameraman! lol… but in person, it is a looker if I do say so myself!

Here’s where I’ll add a quick review of the bike by another rider. Paul K.  is actually my neighbor and big mtb’er. We are very similar in height and bike fit, so he was willing to give the R002 a go.

“Today I test rode the R002 carbon bike and let me say it was a dream (besides the knocking sound coming somewhere by the bottom bracket). That said, it didn’t take anything away from the performance of the bike. The 28mm tires took the corners with confidence and speed, feeling planted at every turn.”

“The carbon frame and carbon wheelset along with some good rolling rubber helped the bike excel up any hill I threw at it. I had never used brakes on carbon wheels before, so they felt a bit sketchy initially but still performed quite well. Near the end of the ride I took it on a 2 minute sprint which the bike loved, I actually got a PB on that particular segment. The bike accelerated with ease, begging for more.”

“After all was said and done and I was left hanging over the bars with exhaustion from pushing the R002.  It was a great ride on a well performing machine and I can’t wait to try it again- once the knocking sound is fixed.”

(mystery noise 101… Seatpost, check. Pedals, check. BB?
I have taken apart the external bearings cups, checked them and the threads and inspected the bikes BB as well, but the noise still emanates from below. I have a new BB-90 to install and hopefully that takes care of it…)

5 thoughts on “Photo-Op! the R002 in all of its glory…

  1. Try the chain ring bolts… If you didn’t lube the threads, do it. If you thoroughly cleaned the bottom bracket area (specifically where the crank arm meets the bearing – especially if you have a wavy washer), then try tightening the skewers. If that doesn’t work, try replacing them with some you have laying around (that one happened to me on the Trek). Now, last ditch… Only checking to see that the seat post bolts are tight isn’t good enough – loosen the bolts, pull the post up, push it down and reset it to where it goes, then tighten everything up.

    Take two aspirin and test it in the morning! Seriously, do all of those things and your bike should ride a lot better for it. That was my experience.

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    • Yup thanks buddy! I tried all that you mentioned this past Summer and Fall. No avail… I changed the washers on the BB too. Chain ring bolts were lubed, skewers checked, even tried a different set. Seatpost, etc… I had the bike apart and back together and the noise is still there! So maybe it’s the BB itself. We’ll see. If that’s not it…I’m going to commit hari kari


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