Le Pen (virtually) slaps merkel in her smug wrinkled face…

Watch a quick 2 minute clip of Marine Le Pen insult and tell German muppet Chancellor angela merkel off in the eu Parliament.

Notice the faces of the dried up piece of shit Nazi cunt merkel and her Nazi cocksucking cohort verhofstadt As Le Pen slashes them to bits…

The eu is on the verge of not only a economic collapse, but a mass migration crisis that is happening right now. It is time to flush the North African and Middle Eastern desert filth down the toilet.

2 thoughts on “Le Pen (virtually) slaps merkel in her smug wrinkled face…

    • No punches pulled here at the Road to Revelation Jim! That’s the RtR Doctrine sir…

      I believe in being brutal, cut-throat and vile to utmost extent when it comes to comes to calling out Tyranny and criminality. It is not merely enough to engage in or have a civil discourse with Tyrants or those who support tyranny. I will not entertain any folly of ‘discourse’ on such matters.

      Too many weak minded people are afraid to say what they feel. Too many have been conditioned to believe in Political Correctness, which is really only suppression of liberty and freedom by elites, academics and ignorant sorts of this world.

      What merkel and her cohorts have done to western Europoe is nothing short of criminal behavior. Circumventing democracy and the constitution of Germany. Same goes for the EU heads and the US. By NOT allowing or having a vote for such important and dire matters that concern the State(s) and the will of the citizens and residents is not only ignored but mocked.

      The West needs it’s ass kicked in the teeth and the balls. But that’s coming, As China and Russia are slowly but steadily making progress. Once the petrodollar becomes weak enough, the stage will be set. It’s a long tome coming. The big us government bully is going to get it’s head knocked in and rightly so.

      Maybe in a decade or two some of our liberties will be restored by the will of some brave and determined people, maybe. Who knows. But what I do know is that big paradigm changes are coming for the West, Especially the us and they aren’t going to be pretty…

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