Pelosi (another worthless cunt) incoherently stammering in a last night interview.
Think sundowning effect.

obama retaining council, runnning scared. hrc (the biggest cunt still alive)
having fits and outburst of confusion and rage at her staff. Think PANIC attacks!
Schiff in panic mode. McCabe scapegoat. Comey (piece of shit pedo protector and murderer) panicking- code 187 uttered.

False Flag emails. Mueller’s fake emails. Mueller’s real emails. FBI/CIA pedophile-murderers looking to setup for another war to distract what’s coming.

HK. Snowden. Assange. WW. Deepstate starting to feel some heat.
FBI/CIA devising an assassination attempt. Psyop. Wake up. Take note.
Turn off the TV.  Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, PBS, etc. ALL ignoring Q.
Muppets of the Deepstate. Reading so-called ‘news’ from CIA transcripts.

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